Conrad takes Charlotte in 358 Opener

The stat sheet may show Ryan Conrad leading every lap tonight, and it would be factually correct in every way. But to say he didnt have his work cut out for him would be wrong. Owen Clark would take quick time, but Conrad would take the heat 1 win, putting him pole for the feature. Payton Talbot would shadow him all race with multiple restarts allowing Talbot challenges. Coming from mid pack was last years champion, Aaron Daeffler, and Andrew Clark, with Eric Tupper following, all eager to get their bite at the apple. But no matter the name on the score card, it was Ryan Conrad who would hold fort up front. On the last lap, though, Talbot gave it his all. Diving low into an unguarded low lane in turn 3, and sliding up in front of Conrad, it looked like we had someone stealing victory from the jaws of defeat in the final few yards. However, Conrad was able to snag some bit on the right rear of his machine and crank the car low to cross over Talbot and beat him in a drag race to the line by .277 seconds for his first career CARS 358 Series Victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Ryan Conrad (1)
2- Payton Talbot (2)3- Andrew Clark (13)
4- Aaron Daeffler (14)
5- Eric Tupper (16)

Heat winners were Conrad, Talbot, and Logan Gill.

Tupper wins the battle and the war!

A long, long 12-week season culminated tonight in the CARS Big Block Super Dirt Series, with dreams of crowning a new champion in the history books. And tonights event would be full of drama thats for sure. William Racine and Michael Achzet would trade the lead early, but Racine would settle in up front for almost the entirety of the middle of the race. Championship contendor Brett Rowles was absolutely motoring through the field up to contend for a top 3 spot, but disaster would strike for points leader Eric Tupper. A bad slider would get him sent to the tail and then moving through the field, a wreck would collect him and he would lazilly roll over onto his roof. Typically he’d have to tow and call his race over, and that would have most likely handed the title over to Rowles if he finished where he was. But luckily for Tupper, he was nicely rolled back over and was able to continue (albeit a bit worse for wear). As the laps ticked way, from 45 to 50 to 60 and onward, Tupper methodically would work his way back through the field. Still, Racine showed the way, with Roles and Daeffler and others following close. A wreck with 5 to go shook everything up, though, as Racine sadly made it known he was just there to cause issues and would be parked for the night as a result. Despite the earlier issues, Tupper was there to capitalize. Racing hard with Rowles, he’d manage to get a bit of a lead and hold on to a hard fought, well earned 1 second victory! His first of the year, and also solidifying his place in CARS History as this years Big Block Super Dirt Series Champion!

The rest of the top-5:
1- Eric Tupper (7)
2- Brett Rowles (17)
3- Aaron Daeffler (5)
4- Dean Reynolds (6)
5- Logan Gill (16)

Achzet holds off Clark and the field at Charlotte

A real contest was shaping up for the finale of the 358 series at the Dirt Track @ Charlotte. And typical front runner Michael Achzet was making a ton of noise. Taking the Quick Time then winning his heat, he looked to be the car to beat tonight. However Andrew Clark won his heat as well, and he would put on a show trying to put his name on the winners list for the season. The entirety of the event was Clark showing the lead, for Achzet to slide him into a corner. Then Clark would drag race him to the next one and take the lead back. Over and over every other lap the other would lead at the line. It was crazy! And as the laps ticked down despite their heavy racing it was still tough for Eric Tupper, Logan Gill, Aaron Daeffler and Trevor Williams to sneak closer and vie for the top spot. But as the field took the 3 to go, disaster struck. With Clark low on Achzet heading down the front stretch into one, a lapped car was in the way, and Clark would nail him with his left front sending him spinning around. That would send him to the back of the field, handing the win ultimately over to Achzet! What a race, even despite the rough ending!

The rests of the top-5:
1- Michael Achzet (1)
2- Eric Tupper (3)
3- Logan Gill (13)
4- Aaron Daeffler (11)
5- AJ Albreada (7)

Daeffler does it at Limaland

Aaron Daeffler came into tonights Super Dirt Series race at Limaland a distant 3rd in the standings hoping to close in on leader Eric Tupper. Boy did he ever. Getting shot out of a cannon at the start from his 4th starting position, he was just pickin’ them up and puttin’ them down. Trevor Williams and Owen Clark may have led some laps for a while in the early going but once Daeffler got the lead, he was GONE. For 53 laps there was no stopping him. A late yellow for the spinning Tyler Parrish would see a 11 lap dash to the checkers. Sure enough, as the green flew Daeffler was outta here. But just because he had it sealed up didnt mean there race was over. From 2nd through 7th, it was a battle. Three and four wide for almost the entirety of the final ten laps, Justin Sick, Chris Cable and Brett Rowles, amongst others, were clawing for the other top-5 spots. Logan Gill and Greg Netherwood jumped into the fray with Williams hoping to hold on to his good finish. Somehow, Netherwood snuck through the pack to claim 2nd, with Rowles, Gill and Cable finishing 3 wide at the line in a photo finish for the rest of the top 5!

Daeffler, though, closes within 57 of points leader Eric Tupper heading into the finals at Charlotte!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Aaron Daeffler (4)
2- Greg Netherwood (10)
3- Brett Rowles (3)
4- Logan Gill (7)
5- Chris Cable (9)