Achzet comes from deep to win at Fairbury

After winning a few weeks ago in the Super Dirt Series at Lanier, Michael Achzet wanted a taste of victory lane in the 358 Series as well. While he would time trial 1st, he’d finish 4th in heat 1 and would end up starting 10th on the grid in the feature. Pole sitter Jesse Isadore would take command of the race in the early going, leading the first 9 laps before a bout of yellow fever took hold. After a handful of restarts, Isadore would still be sitting up top in front of Blake Schonthaler and Michael Peek, with Brett Rowles trying to muscle his way to the top. A 17 lap run in the middle of the race though would see Achzet slowly creeping forward from his 10th starting position. A restart on lap 32 would have Achzet looking to the outside of Isadore. On lap 35, he’d get the run to do it. Isadore was left fighting it out with 20th starter James Shirley for the runner up spot, and while Achzet would run away for a 1 second victory, Isadore would just hold off Shirley by a .1 tenth for 2nd.

The rest of the top 5-
1- Michael Achzet (10)
2- Jesse Isadore (1)
3- James Shirley (20)
4- Eric Tupper (13)
5- Brett Rowles (4)

Heat winners were Isadore, Schonthaler, and Michael Peek.

B-Main won by Eric Tupper

Sweeney dominates Kokomo

The Big Blocks sure put on a show tonight at Kokomo for better or worse! Either way the fans got their monies worth. Bobby Sweeney would start pole after Quick Timing and winning his heat race, and for the first majority of the race he was in his own little world out front. Top runners James Normoyle and Randy Bechdel kept tabs up front but regardless Sweeney was way out there. No matter what went on up front, in the middle and the back it was all about who could survive. The bumps in the track were a motocross track on entry to say the least. Multiple cars would fall victim to the grip flips and ruts sending themselves and others into the air or walls at times. It was a race of attrition from 5th on back. Up front with Sweeney gone, Tupper and James Shirley (who came from 19th) was mixing it up with Trevor Williams for whoever would have the right to fight it out if given a chance with Sweeney. Williams would come out ahead for a time, but on a restart with 20 to go, he’d actually send Sweeney spinning in the middle of turn 3. Sweeney would be damaged back in 10th as he recovered, and Williams would fall back to 8th. It didn’t take long though, and while Tupper and Shirley battled for the lead Sweeney was picking them up and putting them down. Within 3 laps he was up to third. Another restart would put him side by side with Tupper and he’d eventually retake the lead. And that was all she wrote as the race would stay green to the end with Sweeney dominating for a 2 second victory at Kokomo!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Bobby Sweeney (1)
2- Eric Tupper (14)
3- James Shirley (19)
4- Chris Cable (11)
5- Randy Bechdel (2)

Tonights Heat Winners-
Bobby Sweeney, Randy Bechdel, James Normoyle

B-Main winner-
Brad Dyer

Shirley holds off Clark at Lanier

James Shirley would unload fast at Lanier tonight, qualifying 4th, behind Quick Time of James Normoyle. Ryan Barrett would start pole tonight though and Shirley would have his work cut out for him. Barrett would hold his own as the leader for the first few laps, despite Kyall Fisher battling hard on the outside. And for the early going those two would show the way. Unfortunately, Barrett would nip the inside wall into turn 3 and send himself spinning, ending his chances at his first win. Fisher would then take to battling with Shirley, Owen Clark, and a wildly fast Ludovic Buisson. Both lanes were quick, and every lap was a drag race to the line. Sliders being exchanged for days, followed by more drag races, then more sliders, it was glorious. The race would settle down with about 10 to go with Shirley holding the lead down over Clark, and despite Clark staying with him, Shirley would hold on to get his first CARS 358 Series victory of the season at Lanier!

The rest of the top 5-
1- James Shirley (4)
2- Owen Clark (6)
3- Ludovic Buisson (8)
4- Brett Rowles (3)
5- James Normoyle (13)

Heat Winners-
Ryan Barrett, Kyall Fisher, Brett Rowles, James Shirley

C-Main Winner- Josh Kotten
B-Main Winner- Charlie Ryan

Achzet bests Passen at Lanier

Thunder under the lights at Lanier, thats for sure. The green would drop with pole sitter Greg Netherwood taking the green and holding off James Normoyle for the lead for the majority of the first 1/4 of the race. Both cars hugging the inside wall. Up top Josh Kotten and Zack Passen were charging to the front with their quarters up to the wall on the cushion. However Normoyle would see his chance end as he moved to the top side to shadow Passen and he would put himself in the wall as a result. He’d go on to finish 2 laps down in 16th. Netherwood would show the way, though. Until he washed up on exit of turn 4, forcing Kotten to slam the brakes and Passen had no where to go but run him over. Kotten would go to the rear, but Passen was able to keep his spot and challenge Netherwood on a restart. The top side allowed Passen to motor by, and Netherwood would fade to about 7th, and the battle would be waged between Passen and Michael Achzet on the low side. Running side by side the majority of the 2nd half of the race, Achzet was not letting Passen go. Despite Benjamin Easler and Brett Rowles showing their noses to him, Achzet was still fixated on Passen. With 8 laps to go, Achzet came off turn 4 just to the inside of Passens left rear tire. Into turn 1, Passen tried to run a lower line and the two would touch. Passen would get squirelly, Achzet would straigthen him out, but in the hubub Achzet was able to motor on. The race would stay green, and Passen would hold off Easler for 2nd while Achzet would go on to win!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Michael Achzet (4)
2- Zack Passen (7)
3- Benjamin Easler (14)
4- Greg Netherwood (1)
5- Josh Kotten (3)

Normoyle holds off Proudfoot at Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake was nothing short of an entertaining event tonight thats for sure! Right of the drop of the green flag of the feature, pole sitter Alex Humphrey looked to get off to a good start. But outside pole Brett Rowles had other ideas, and he’d leap into the lead on the back stretch. Humphrey would fall back to 3rd, and on the 2nd lap would find himself climbing the wall in turn 3, sending multiple cars around. With Rowles showing the way for the early going, the eyes turned to the middle of the pack where Zack Passen, by virtue of a bad heat race, was trying to move up from 13th. And further back Trevor Williams (quick time for the night) was motoring from 24th. Lap 15 ticked off and now it was Rowles trying to hold off James Normoyle and Brandyn Proudfoot, with it becoming a hell of a battle. Lap 18 Normoyle would try but wouldnt clear him. Lap 19 he made it stick and he’d start pulling away. Eric Tupper in view of it all trying to hold off Proudfoot and Normoyle. The last ten laps would see Tupper falling back enough with Proudfoot and Aaron Daeffler now putting the pressure on Normoyle. Normoyle was running a slider line in turns 3/4 trying to not give Proudfoot the chance. And on the last lap they’d both dive down to the bottom in 3 in the fight for the top spot. Normoyle would hold him off in the drag race off turn 4 to collect his first career CARS victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- James Normoyle (4)
2- Brandyn Proudfoot (5)
3- Aaron Daeffler (7)
4- Zack Passen (15)
5- Brett Rowles (2)