Ryan decimates all at Martinsville

After 5 weeks of amazing finishes, we finally had someone run away with one! Tonight at Martinsville, Gabe Wood would swipe the pole and jump out to lead a huge portion of the first part of the race. He would burn the tires off though and the field would run him back down. Josh Kotten would move up from his third starting spot to get his first chance at leading the pack. Unfortunately, Wood would send his #00 mount through the left rear of Kotten on a restart, and send them both to the back of the pack due to the spin. This put Charlie Ryan in front. Despite having Aaron Daeffler running right on his bumper for a spell, Ryan would slowly start to increase the lead while putting car after car a lap down. With Chris Cable, Kotten and Wood trying to catch them both, it was still Ryan who would put a whooping on the field and win by 5.7 seconds, the largest margin of victory for anyone on the season!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Charlie Ryan (9)
2- Aaron Daeffler (8)
3- Chris Cable (5)
4- Josh Kotten (3)
5- Miles Crabbe (2)

Passen passes them all at Richmond

Another barn-burner of a race tonight in the Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series tonight at Richmond! Travis Wall would take his first pole of the season and rush out to lead the first 17 laps of the event. Aaron Daeffler would show his usual strength and power by on lap 18, pulling the trio of Zack Passen, Trevor Williams and Charlie Ryan on by. Daeffler would hold that lead, until a restart would see Ryan sneak by not long after taking the green. Ryan would appear to be the one to beat! But a caution past halfway would put a wrench into the gear. Ryan would speed off pit road! That would render his night basically over, and put Chase Barry up front somehow. Despite his old tires, Barry would put up a fight and lead for a 10 lap stint, but on late restart he just couldnt hold off the fresher tires of Zack Passen. On lap 98, Passen would beat Barry into turn 1 and off he was to the races. The dirt standout would hold off a charge by fan favorite Trevor Williams and win his first race of the season in the Kevtron Media Cup Series!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Zack Passen (3)
2- Trevor Williams (4)
3- Jay Dee Callahan (14)
4- Aaron Daeffler (2)
5- Josh Kotten (7)

Daeffler takes Wilkesboro

Another amazing finish tonight in the Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series! This time it would be Aaron Daeffler tasting victory for the first time this season. It would get off to a bit of a crazy start, as Zack Passen would sit on the pole for the second race in a row but yet again would flub the initial start. Miles Crabbe started outside pole then flew by Passen to take the lead. A couple quick cautions to start the race would give way to Crabbe pacing the field for the next 100 laps. Some drivers would give up their top running positions to get some fresh rubber, but the laps would tick down still without that elusive yellow flag or massive rush to pit road. At the 100 lap mark exactly, Aaron Daeffler had caught Crabbe, and with a well timed bump and run would swipe the lead at the line with 20 laps to go. With 5 to go, though, it was 5th place running Chris Cable who would hit the wall off turn 4 and spin down the front stretch, forcing the field into the first Green-White-Checkered finish in CARS history! Daeffler would get a good start but Passen would hold pace, and Crabbe fighting with Potts and Callahan behind. There wasnt enough time or space, though. Daeffler would hold on for the win!

The rest of the top 5-
1) Aaron Daeffler (8)
2) Zack Passen (1)
3) Miles Crabbe (2)
4) Jay Dee Callahan (6)
5) Ronnie Potts (5)

Chris Cable sees his points lead drop to just 2 points over Daeffler, and Josh Kotten would fall to 3rd in the standings after a tough 7th place finish.

Kotten wins Charlotte

Wow…. for the 3rd week in a row, we had a nail biting barn burner of a finish! A long run in the first half of the race would see pole sitter Zack Passen lose the lead off the rip to Charlie Ryan, with Gabe Wood shadowing him. Passen would retake the lead towards the middle of the race, however a caution just in the midst of pit stops would bunch the field back together. For almost 20 laps Wood would lead most of the subsequent run, with Miles Crabbe swapping the lead with him for a bit, though a blanket could be thrown over the top 8 cars as they were all nose to tail. Former leader Ryan would collide with Jay Dee Callahan into turn 3, sending them up into Passen and the wall. Chris Cable, Greg Netherwood and Trevor Williams would just barely sneak by, and we’d have a restart with less than 25 to go yet again. On pit road, Crabbe and Wood bumped into their stalls, forcing Wood to come off pit road 7th, giving the lead to Josh Kotten. He and Aaron Daeffler would time their restart perfectly to jump out to a huge lead while the pack desperately tried to sort themselves out. With Netherwood, Williams and former champion Brenden Queen flying through the field, it looked like Kotten or Daeffler were too far ahead. An incident with a lapped car slowed them just enough, putting Netherwood and Williams on their bumpers. Off turn 2 on the last lap Netherwood passed Daeffler and set his sights on Kotten. But he needed another lap or two, as Kotten was able to hold him and the field off for his first win of the season!

The rest of the top 5-

1- Josh Kotten (8)
2- Greg Netherwood (15)
3- Aaron Daeffler (6)
4- Trevor Williams (10)
5- Brenden Queen (7)

Cable wins Rockingham

Another amazing race tonight in the Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series ends in a thriller yet again! Josh Kotten took the lead off the rip as pole sitter Chris Cable missed the shift, and looked like he’d run away with it. Jay Dee Callahan, starting 11th, had other opinions on the matter though. He would run down Kotten and eventually even take away the lead. Green flag pit stops ensued, a few drivers however would take a gamble. Cable, Aaron Daeffler, and Greg Netherwood would take the risk and stay out as there was barely 40 laps to go. With Kotten and Callahan nose to tail trying to unlap themselves, Netherwood made sure he made his mark on the race by slapping the wall and sliding down into Kotten, with Callahan involved. That left the top drivers out of the race for the win, and pole sitter Cable sitting pretty in the front. A few late restarts would see Cable holding off Aaron Daeffler and a final charge by Josh Gayman to collect his first win of 2020 in the Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series!

The rest of the top 5-

1- Chris Cable (1)
2- Aaron Daeffler (4)
3- Josh Gayman (6)
4- Russell Berry (19)
5- Ronnie Potts (10)