Sweeney holds off Passen in Photo Finish

The best feature event of 2020 in the CARS 358 Series thus far did not disappoint thats for sure! Richie Preston would start pole, and off the rip 3rd place starter Demetrios Drellos jumped to the inside for a 3 wide dash to the lead onto the backstretch. This set the dogs loose, and it was 2 and 3 wide throughout for most of the feature. Ryan Dolbear and Brett Rowles were making moves to get up to battle for the lead, but Demetrios had it on lock. That is, until just past the halfway point, when he would get a tick too high on exit and slap the wall, ending his night with a badly damaged ride. This allowed Bobby Sweeney to inherit the lead from his 5th starting spot. Through some late race restarts due to some rough deals for Josh Christy and Matt Yorker, Sweeney was holding the dogs at bay. Dustin Hall and Zack Passen were making him work, though. And with a 3 lap dash to end it, Passen was motoring up top with Sweeney holding court down low. Off turn 2 it seemed like Passen was shot out of a cannon, getting right up to Sweeneys right front on the entry to turn three. And out of turn 4 it was a drag race! But Sweeney held him off by a few feet at the line, grabbing the big win at Kokomo!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Bobby Sweeney (5)
2- Zack Passen (6)
3- Dustin Hall (4)
4- Brett Rowles (12)
5- Robert Shaeffer (8)

Tonights B-Main winner was Eric Tupper.

Tonights heat race winners were Richie Preston, Max Hill, Demetrios Drellos, and Dustin Hall. 

Ducharme wins again, and Bailey makes a mark

Week 2 of the CARS 358 and Super Dirt Series went off much better than the first, and the stars came out to shine in both events.

The 358s got the night kicked off first with Payton Talbot starting up front by virtue of his heat 1 victory. He’d more or less set the pace for the majority of the event, though Aaron Daeffler was making life difficult for him in 2nd. The laps were slowly ticking down all while Bobby Sweeney was making a charge from 11th, and right on his bumper was 22nd starting driver Eric Tupper. It was Bryce Bailey, though, the local hot shoe who was making the most noise. Through a few restarts he was able to position himself on Talbots bumper, and a restart with 3 laps to go would give him his chance. He’d get the lead and hold on for a G-W-C finish, taking his first victory of the season from the 12th grid spot!

Heat winners – Talbot, Ryan Dolbear, Dustin Hall, Aaron Daeffler, Jamie Jeffers.
B-Main – Brandon McDonald
C-Main – Matt Hearn

The Big Blocks were the belle of the ball tonight, though. Tyler Ducharme would again start pole, and get out to a few decent leads after restarts. But surprisingly he wasn’t really alone. Dustin Hall was running him down in the late going, giving him a real challenge. In the mid-race, Bobby Sweeney again would come through the field from 13th to fight for a top spot, with Hunter Bates and Colin Bokus making noise. A late restart though would see Hall not able to regain his speed and allow Ducharme to pull away to a 1 second win, leading every lap for his second Big Block Super Dirt Series victory in as many tries!

Heat Winners – Ducharme, Hayden Cardwell, Jarrad Wakefield, Dustin Hall
B-Main – Bobby Sweeney
C-Main – Bruce Perry

Passen and Ducharme open 2020 with Victories!

A pretty historic night with the CARS 358 and CARS Super Dirt Series both kicking off their long awaited seasons, to a very wide ranging pair of results.

The 358 Series would get things started with Alex Payne taking the C-Main victory over Ryan Barrett. On to the B-Main, Brett Rowles would lead 9 laps and secure his spot in the A, ahead of Eric Tupper and AJay Potrzebowski. But the A was where the real race would be. Aaron Daeffler would start pole and seemingly want to run away with it. But with 6 laps to go, he would hop the cushion and that allowed Zack Passen to get by. With Chris Roberts trying to run him down on the bottom and Travis Miller right behind, Passen would go on to get the W to start the season.

The Big Block Super Dirt Series was next up at Volusia, and they showed why they’re the pros. They put on a wail of a show. The C-Main was exciting beyond words, with a 3 wide finish to win, Bruce Perry holding off Leo McGurrin and Ryan Dolbear (who started last!). In the B-Main, Dolbear again would show off his car, driving from 15th to take the win out of nowhere! In the feature, Payton Talbot would be lucky enough to start on the pole, and he would make life difficult for Tyler Ducharme. Quinn Wallis was motoring from 11th, and Passen and Josh Sunn were right there hoping for a chance. But it was truly between Ducharme and Talbot. On a lap 23 restart, Talbot would make the ill-fated choice to start on the bottom, and Ducharme would finally get by. While Ducharme wouldn’t run away, it was all over but the shouting, and he’d go on to get the first win in the CARS Super Dirt Series history!

Tonights winners-
358 Heats: Aaron Daeffler, Chris Roberts, Zack Passen, Josh Kotten, Daryl Barrett and Quinn Wallis.
Big Block Heats: Payton Talbot, Tyler Ducharme, Aaron Daeffler, Braden Eyler, Zack Passen

Format announced for Opening Night of Dirt Series

In advance of next weeks season openers for the CARS 358 and CARS Super Dirt Series, we’ve seen a massive influx of new blood to the roster. With well over 100 new registrations, this is sure to be a huge hit come December 13th, when we open.

Because of this, we’re releasing our format for the opening night a bit early, so everyone knows what to expect.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** The 358 Series is being moved back to 8pm EST. This is due to the large number of registrants, and having to fit it in before the Big Blocks take the track at 9:30. We need that extra time to fit in the B-Main and account for cautions

CARS 358 and Super Dirt Series Announced!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present something we thought was only ever going to be a dream! With the introduction of the Northeast Modifieds to iRacing, the Can-Am Racing Series is elated to bring to you the CARS 358 Series and the CARS Super Dirt Series!Both classes running the same night (Sundays) with a full slate of time trials, heats and features, we hope to bring something for everyone to the table.

First up, the 358 small blocks! A staple of the modified scene, some would argue they even produce the better racing. At Super Dirt Week in Oswego a few years ago, their Saturday show was probably the best dirt race ever seen. The CARS 358 Series will come to you at 8:00pm EST, and utilize a fixed setup! This will surely be a blast of a series! **Note- Graphic states 8:30pm EST, due to overwhelming interest, we’ve had to move that to 8:00pm EST!!!

Second up on the night will be our headline class, 800 horses without all the mess! Grandpa pop a viagra cuz we’re about to get it on! The Big Blocks hit the track at 9:30pm EST for their very own set of time trials, heats and feature. Running slightly longer events than its sister 358s, they will also be one of the few CARS divisions to ever run OPEN SETUPS! We can’t wait!Signups are already open, just head on over to our league tab (linked below) and hit the “join” button!

We will see you December 13th!

CARS Dirt Division League Tab-