Talbot takes the Grove

Stop the presses! Is it snowing outside? One of the hardest races for the CARS Big Block Series was tonight at Williamsgrove, and it was tough on everybody. Rarely did anyone walk out without a damaged body panel. Sure as rain in the Amazon Ryan Conrad jumped to the lead from his second starting spot. Sitting pretty outfront while the field would wreck over and over again behind him, he was probably thinking he was set. But little did he know sneaking through the field was Payton Talbot. On lap 40, he would make a move low off turn 4 on Conrad. He’d hold him off, and even as Eric Tupper and Andrew Clark were coming hard, Talbot would take win #1 of the season!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Payton Talbot (10)
2- Ryan Conrad (2)
3- Andrew Clark (3)
4- Eric Tupper (8)
5- Logan Gill (9)

Heat races were won by Clark, Conrad, and Nicholas Hamm

Conrad snags another at Limaland

I bet you all have heard this story before! Tonight in the 358 series, we were poised to finally have some new blood at the top of the charts. Through the heats, it sure looked like the bottom might work as Eric Tupper drove from 7th to the easy win in his heat. Starting outside pole, Tupper would get a good jump and lead the first 15 laps of tonights main event. But sure as the sun rises in the east, Ryan Conrad would get by and set sail. Through the long green flag run, despite Owen Clark and Trevor Williams and Nicholas Hamm driving from their spots in the 20s up to the top 10, Conrad would hold fort. A caution with 5 to go would make life interesting, though. Andrew Clark was already starting to show some speed and now he was sitting pretty. Starting 8th, now on the tail of the leader, on a restart… It was go time. Clark would trade some slide jobs with Conrad, but into turn 3 on the last lap Conrad successfully defended the low side and Clark couldnt get there. The door was shut, and Ryan Conrad would win his 3rd in a row to start the season!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Ryan Conrad (4)
2- Andrew Clark (😎
3- Logan Gill (3)
4- Eric Tupper (2)
5- Tyler Totman (5)

Heats were won by Tupper, Cameron Evans, and Gill.

Conrad doubles the double, wins Lanier!

Stop me if you heard this one…. After last weeks sweep, Ryan Conrad went and did it all over again! Do I hear “Bounty”….??? In a race that was slowed initially by a couple quick cautions, saw a 45 lap run in the middle that had Ryan Conrad putting some distance on the field. With everyone hoping lapped traffic would slow him down, it didnt. His lead went from 1, to 2, to 3, to 4 seconds as he was able to slice and dice through the back of the pack with ease. Eric Tupper and Andrew Clark just watched as he seemed on a lazy sunday drive. But a caution with 10 to go bred another with 5 to go, and this put the pack together for a last hurrah. This time with Brett Rowles moving up from his 13th starting spot. Off the green, Conrad was able to get a little distance, opening a few tenths lead on Rowles and Clark. Each corner, Rowles would inch closer but Conrad would pull them off down the straights. And thats how it would end, a last slider effort by Rowles ends with Conrad getting the run off anyway and he would sweep the weekend again!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Ryan Conrad (1)
2- Brett Rowles (13)
3- Andrew Clark (4)
4- Cameron Evans (9)
5- Eric Tupper (2)

Heat winners were Conrad, Tupper, and Tyler Totman

Conrad again, at Eldora!

Second verse, same as the first! In what is rapidly becoming a trend, Ryan Conrad came into tonight fresh off a sweep last week in the 358s and the Big Blocks. He wasted no time tonight at Eldora in the 358s, taking his heat then laying claim to the top spot throughout the evening. Quick timer Owen Clark would start pole but outside starter Conrad would be off to the races. Last weeks runner up Andrew Clark sure tried giving him a run for his money down low for most of the race. But that top side run was just too much. Tyler Totman surely could have given him a battle, coming from 19th all the way to 4th but he would stall behind Eric Tupper. And with that, Ryan Conrad is 3 for 3 in the Can-Am Racing Series!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Ryan Conrad (2)
2- Andrew Clark (3)
3- Eric Tupper (4)
4- Tyler Totman (19)
5- Aaron Daeffler (9)

Heat winners were Conrad and Owen Clark.

Conrad does the Double – Wins Volusia opener

Last year saw two folks who were lightning quick but sometimes just didnt have the luck going there way. Aaron Daeffler and Andrew Clark both were always seemingly in the conversation but just never seemed to break through. This season both were riding high hoping that Volusia would be where it all began. Sure enough, they both won their heats going away setting the stage for an epic start. Clark though would make quick work and jump right to the lead, and not a moment later Ryan Conrad would follow. From then on it was their world. The rest of us were just living in it. Swapping the lead a total of 12 times between the two in the race slowed by ten cautions, it was quite a show. But when the long 40 lap green flag run to end the race was in progress, Payton Talbot made noise. Coming all the way from 14th to 3rd, he was poised to make it a dance up front. Unfortunately, the handling would slip away in the waning laps, allowing Daeffler , Nicholas Hamm and defending champ Eric Tupper to sneak by. Conrad on his own was starting to put some distance on Clark with the field hitting lapped traffic in the last few laps. Despite closing a couple tenths Clark never was able to challenge, and Conrad would do the double with a win at Volusia!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Ryan Conrad (4)
2- Andrew Clark (2)
3- Aaron Daeffler (1)
4- Nicholas Hamm (10)
5- Eric Tupper (3)

Heats were won by Daeffler, Tupper and Clark.