Daeffler does it at Limaland

Aaron Daeffler came into tonights Super Dirt Series race at Limaland a distant 3rd in the standings hoping to close in on leader Eric Tupper. Boy did he ever. Getting shot out of a cannon at the start from his 4th starting position, he was just pickin’ them up and puttin’ them down. Trevor Williams and Owen Clark may have led some laps for a while in the early going but once Daeffler got the lead, he was GONE. For 53 laps there was no stopping him. A late yellow for the spinning Tyler Parrish would see a 11 lap dash to the checkers. Sure enough, as the green flew Daeffler was outta here. But just because he had it sealed up didnt mean there race was over. From 2nd through 7th, it was a battle. Three and four wide for almost the entirety of the final ten laps, Justin Sick, Chris Cable and Brett Rowles, amongst others, were clawing for the other top-5 spots. Logan Gill and Greg Netherwood jumped into the fray with Williams hoping to hold on to his good finish. Somehow, Netherwood snuck through the pack to claim 2nd, with Rowles, Gill and Cable finishing 3 wide at the line in a photo finish for the rest of the top 5!

Daeffler, though, closes within 57 of points leader Eric Tupper heading into the finals at Charlotte!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Aaron Daeffler (4)
2- Greg Netherwood (10)
3- Brett Rowles (3)
4- Logan Gill (7)
5- Chris Cable (9)