Bokus holds them off at the Grove

Tonight the Big Blocks took to the tricky Mechanicsburg, PA’s Williams Grove Speedway. The night started out by Michael Achzet nipping Colin Bokus to claim the Quick Time award for the night. That would bring up two heat races that were damn exciting and showed a lot of clean racing. With Andrew

Clark and Eric Tupper claiming the heat wins, we ran a B-main to set the rest of the field. In the 12-lapper, Zack Passen showed his mite and spanked the field.Clark and Eric Tupper led the field to green for a 70 lap night capper. Tupper led some early laps on a top dominant track, but could not get into a rhythm as the race was slowed by 10 caution laps. A long green flag run in the middle of the race allowed newcomer Colin Bokus to find the grip and take the lead. AS the top side started to go away, Bokus fought off spirited battle from Andrew Clark and Achzet. The two just couldn’t quite get a run, and Bokus sailed to the checkers. Achzet would have to settle for second with Clark finishing third. Zack Passen had a solid night after coming from the B, as he and Tupper rounded out the top five.

Quick time: Mike Achzet
Heat Winners: Clark and TupperB-Main: Zack Passen
Top Five: Colin Bokus, Achzet, Clark, Passen, and Tupper.

Achzet steals it on last lap at Lernerville!

Tonight the CARS 358 Small Block Series made it’s way to Lernerville for 35 laps of searching for grip. Josh Kotten started off the night by ripping off the quick time and showing everyone that he would be tough to beat. Unfortunately, in a most predictable turn of events, Kotten had trouble in his heat race and had to fight back to once again win the B-Main.

When feature time came along, it was the #1 of Brett Rowles leading the field to green. For the most part, the racing was competitive throughout the field and although there were six cautions, otherwise clean driving made for some long runs. Rowles led throughout most of the race with Andrew Clark and Mike Achzet breathing down his neck. However, after leading 28 laps, Rowles found himself three-wide with Clark and Achzet coming out of turn 4. Achzet would win the event by our smallest margin of the season, 0.061. What a race!

Heat Winners: Rowles, Totman, and Clark
B-Main Winner: Josh Kotten
Feature top 5: Mike Achzet, Brett Rowles, Andrew Clark, Justin Sick, and Jeff Sharp.

Clark takes Kokomo!

Tonight’s 358 Series race from Kokomo was surely set up to be a wail of a battle. Josh Kotten would take Quick Time, but would have to settle for qualifying in via the B-Main, winning it going away. Come feature time, it was the Andrew Clark show. Starting pole, he would hold court in front of the field the entire early going. Eric Tupper would make his life difficult from his 4th starting spot, but still, Clark stood firm. With the fast coming Josh Kotten from 9th and even Ryan Barrett and points leader Aaron Daeffler coming hard, Clark kept all foes at bay. In a race slowed by just a couple yellows it was Clark that would dominate the day to take his first career CARS 358 Series victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Andrew Clark (1)
2- Eric Tupper (4)
3- Josh Kotten (9)
4- Aaron Daeffler (2)
5- Ryan Barrett (13)

Gill takes Cedar Lake

Tonights Big Block Super Dirt Series visit to Cedar Lake was eventful to say the least, and a tale of two races in one! Usual Hot Shoe Michael Achzet would take quick time today, but the real news was the feature. Greg Netherwood would start pole for the second time at Cedar Lake would hold the lead off the drop of the green for the first handful of laps on the low side. Rim riding along however was Logan Gill, who had started outside the front row. He’d get by Netherwood and would start to build a bit of a lead as Netherwood was under fire from Owen Clark and Tyler Totman. As a mid-race run was going along, though, Ludovic Buisson, who initially fell back, was right there on the bumper of Gill up top. Netherwood was hanging tough low as Buisson led the charge back to the front, and what looked like a runaway victory was now a 3-way dance. For multiple laps, Buisson and Gill, with Netherwood at times, would swap the lead in slide jobs and cross overs. Time and again the trio would exit a corner 3-wide, with nobody wanting to give an inch. But with 45 laps down, Buisson would miss his mark and slam the outside wall, ending the trios battle and his night. For the rest of the feature, it was Gill trying to hold off the field, with Clark making a push, then Achzet sneaking by him and charging. At one point even James Normoyle had come from the back to challenge in the top 4. With 10 laps to go though it was back to Gill and Netherwood to fight for it. Gill trying hard using a waning way top side, Netherwood starting to climb back in the middle. Despite 17 lead changes in a wild 80 lap race, it was Logan Gill though, who would be crowned victorious at Cedar Lake!

The rest of the top-5:
1- Logan Gill (2)
2- Greg Netherwood (1)
3- Michael Achzet (10)
4- Owen Clark (4)
5- Josh Kotten (6)

Tupper tops Totman at Weedsport

What a race! The race of the season by far tonight with a finish that promoters only dream of. The night would start with Josh Kotten taking quick time for the first time this season, but due to wrecks in the heat and feature, that would be his high point of the night. Going into the feature, Tyler Totman would start up front by virtue of his heat 1 victory. And right off the drop of the green it sure looked like it was his world and everyone else was just living in it. A few early yellows would see James Normoyle and Ryan Barrett move pitside, but through it all Totman would show the way. A long 25 lap run mid-race would see him extend his lead at one point to 1.2 seconds! But Trevor Williams and Eric Tupper would have something to say in the matter. As we neared the 10 to go mark, Williams was right there on the rear of Totman, rim riding with the best of them. Down low was Tupper, able to gain ground on one end and lose it at the other. Right behind those 3? Michael Achzet, early season hot shoe and just waiting for a chance to pounce. The restart with 11 to go saw Totman back to his usual top shelf riding, with Williams almost pushing him along. Tupper dove back to the bottom, with Achzet somewhere in the middle. Tupper kept inching closer and closer to the lead. Totman was doing all he could to protect both lanes. With 4 to go, Williams would over slide turn 1 and nip the wall, and he’d slide a few tenths back as a result, giving the battle up to Tupper. Coming to 3 laps to go, Totman would attempt to protect the bottom lane into turn 1, but he’d slip up and Tupper would open the door. Side by side down the back stretch and into 3, they were still door to door! Off 4 Tupper would clear him and would slip away for a .5 second victory at Weedsport! Totman would hold on to second, and Williams would hold off Achzet for 4th!

The rest of the top-5:
1- Eric Tupper (5)
2- Tyler Totman (1)
3- Trevor Williams (3)
4- Michael Achzet (4)
5- Owen Clark (6)