Normoyle scores Weedsport from deep

Tonights race was looking to be the big night for a driver at his home track, but it was not to be, for it was anothers whos been down on their luck of late. Aaron Daeffler, who hails from Waterloo, a short drive away from Weedsport and who spent many a nights there in his youth, set fast time in qualifying then went out and showed the world whos boss by holding off Trevor Williams in his heat. Brett Rowles and Josh Kotten would follow suit in their heats, and we’d head to the 65 lap feature with a stellar field. Daeffler was fast off the drop of the green, and despite some restarts early, would hold fort up front of the field. Rarely being challenged much, it looked like his race to win. He didnt see though that despite starting 18th, James Normoyle was on the prowl. Normoyle has been bitten by the bad luck bug recently but he was on fire tonight at Weedsport. So while Daeffler was picking them up and putting them down lap after lap, Normoyle was sneaking ever closer. On lap 31 it would all come to a head. While Normoyle got there to challenge, a wreck that Daeffler had to more or less stop for would see the racing stewards put Daeffler 3rd on the restart due to stopping on the track, and Normoyle was suddenly in the catbird seat! Despite Andrew Clark and even Owen Clark at times putting up a challenge, and Brett Rowles trying his best as well, Normoyle would not be beaten. A restart with 8 laps to go was their last shot, but Normoyle would pull away to a 1.355 second victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- James Normoyle (18)
2- Andrew Clark (7)
3- Brett Rowles (2)
4- Chris Cable (19)
5- Randy Bechdel (15)

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