Achzet slides past Gill for the win at Limaland

Tonights action at Limaland was hot and heavy for the 358 series. Brett Hahn set the world on fire for his first Quick Time of 2021, but when the heats came around it was AJ Albreada who would dominate heat 1 to get the W. Trevor Williams would lead all in heat 2, with Logan Gill and James Shirley taking heats 3 and 4 respectively. This set us up for one heck of a feature run. The early going was a bit rough, with dust causing vision issues for many mid-pack, and this would set the field under yellow a handful of times before lap 18. That whole time, pole sitter Albreada was holding fort up there putting a good distance on them when the chance presented itself. However, eventually 3rd place starter Gill would get by and he would command the race for the next 13 laps. The battle of the night was forming in two spots, as the top 5 was under a blanket. James Normoyle, Tyler Clowes, Andrew Clark and Eric Tupper were throwing haymaker sliders and battling door to door over the last 15 laps hoping to get that last top 5 spot, it was incredible. And to boot, the race for the lead was bonkers. Gill was trying desperately to hold off the hard chargin Michael Achzet, and for the final 3 laps they would trade sliders. Achzet would dive low into 1 and lead down the back stretch, with Gill returning the favor in turn 3. But with just two laps to go, Achzet finally held firm off turn 4. While Gill would get one last chance in turn 3 and dive in deep for a slider, Achzet played him like a fiddle. The simple cross over led to a drag race and Achzet would get him at the line for the .107 second victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Michael Achzet (8)
2- Logan Gill (3)
3- Aaron Daeffler (6)
4- Brett Rowles (11)
5- AJ Albreada (1)

B-Main was won by Andrew Clark

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