Normoyle scores Weedsport from deep

Tonights race was looking to be the big night for a driver at his home track, but it was not to be, for it was anothers whos been down on their luck of late. Aaron Daeffler, who hails from Waterloo, a short drive away from Weedsport and who spent many a nights there in his youth, set fast time in qualifying then went out and showed the world whos boss by holding off Trevor Williams in his heat. Brett Rowles and Josh Kotten would follow suit in their heats, and we’d head to the 65 lap feature with a stellar field. Daeffler was fast off the drop of the green, and despite some restarts early, would hold fort up front of the field. Rarely being challenged much, it looked like his race to win. He didnt see though that despite starting 18th, James Normoyle was on the prowl. Normoyle has been bitten by the bad luck bug recently but he was on fire tonight at Weedsport. So while Daeffler was picking them up and putting them down lap after lap, Normoyle was sneaking ever closer. On lap 31 it would all come to a head. While Normoyle got there to challenge, a wreck that Daeffler had to more or less stop for would see the racing stewards put Daeffler 3rd on the restart due to stopping on the track, and Normoyle was suddenly in the catbird seat! Despite Andrew Clark and even Owen Clark at times putting up a challenge, and Brett Rowles trying his best as well, Normoyle would not be beaten. A restart with 8 laps to go was their last shot, but Normoyle would pull away to a 1.355 second victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- James Normoyle (18)
2- Andrew Clark (7)
3- Brett Rowles (2)
4- Chris Cable (19)
5- Randy Bechdel (15)

Achzet slides past Gill for the win at Limaland

Tonights action at Limaland was hot and heavy for the 358 series. Brett Hahn set the world on fire for his first Quick Time of 2021, but when the heats came around it was AJ Albreada who would dominate heat 1 to get the W. Trevor Williams would lead all in heat 2, with Logan Gill and James Shirley taking heats 3 and 4 respectively. This set us up for one heck of a feature run. The early going was a bit rough, with dust causing vision issues for many mid-pack, and this would set the field under yellow a handful of times before lap 18. That whole time, pole sitter Albreada was holding fort up there putting a good distance on them when the chance presented itself. However, eventually 3rd place starter Gill would get by and he would command the race for the next 13 laps. The battle of the night was forming in two spots, as the top 5 was under a blanket. James Normoyle, Tyler Clowes, Andrew Clark and Eric Tupper were throwing haymaker sliders and battling door to door over the last 15 laps hoping to get that last top 5 spot, it was incredible. And to boot, the race for the lead was bonkers. Gill was trying desperately to hold off the hard chargin Michael Achzet, and for the final 3 laps they would trade sliders. Achzet would dive low into 1 and lead down the back stretch, with Gill returning the favor in turn 3. But with just two laps to go, Achzet finally held firm off turn 4. While Gill would get one last chance in turn 3 and dive in deep for a slider, Achzet played him like a fiddle. The simple cross over led to a drag race and Achzet would get him at the line for the .107 second victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Michael Achzet (8)
2- Logan Gill (3)
3- Aaron Daeffler (6)
4- Brett Rowles (11)
5- AJ Albreada (1)

B-Main was won by Andrew Clark

Buisson brings the heat at Eldora

Tonights Big Block Super Dirt Series would be quite an event, to boot! Michael Achzet would be quick time and he was absolutely a rocket through his heat and practice. But he’d end up in trouble in his heat and be stuck going through the B-Main. That opened the door to heat 1 winner James Normoyle and Ludovic Buisson. Buisson has shown some good speed in recent weeks, and he was a challenge up front from the drop of the green. Bobby Sweeney would jump to the lead quick but it was almost immediate that Buisson would get by him from his 4th starting spot. From there he was on fire. Normoyle would hang up with the top 5 despite a heavily damaged right front. And the 358 winner Aaron Daeffler was coming from 5th to make a play at the leader. However as the race went on and on, Buisson was just on rails. At one point getting almost a 4 second lead on the field at the races midpoint. A restart with 20 to go put Daeffler right on his bumper, and he would hang with Buisson hoping to get a chance. With Normoyle hounding him, Daeffler was right on Buisson just waiting for a mistake. It would not happen, and sure enough Buisson would lead 73 of 80 laps for his first career CARS Super Dirt Series win!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Ludovic Buisson (4)
2- Aaron Daeffler (5)
3- Jams Normoyle (1)
4- Eric Tupper (16)
5- Michael Achzet (9)

Heat Winners-
Trevor Williams and James Normoyle

B-Main Winer-
Michael Achzet

Daeffler breaks through at Volusia

Tonights 358 Series at Volusia looked like it was sure to be James Normoyles world, we were all just livin’ in it. Aaron Daeffler took quick time, but an issue would see him miss his call for the heat race, sending him to the B-Main. This allowed Normoyle to take heat 1, and start pole. Right off the rip he would start to take the field to Gapplebees, putting a second on the field. Slowly but surely, Josh Kotten started to creep up as he’d found something on the low side. Just as things started to get interesting, Normoyle showing the way would move down low to put some pressure on Kotten and make him change up his attack. Unfortunately for Normoyle, the inside wall is a bugger who doesn’t move for anybody. He’d hook his left front tire on the inside of 3 and 4, sending him around on lap 18, collecting Kotten with him. This allowed Aaron Daeffler, who started 15th due to winning the B-Main, to take over the lead. He’d methodically worked his way up from deep, running low high and middle, and the bad luck for Kotten and Normoyle was all he needed. The race would run out, with Daeffler dominating and leading the final 17 laps for the 2.22 second victory over Aussie Kyall Fisher.

The rest of the top-5:
1- Aaron Daeffler (15)
2- Kyall Fisher (8)
3- Trevor Williams (4)
4- Jacob Shirley (14)
5- Shawn Judson (16)

Heat winners were:
James Normoyle, Josh Kotten, Tim Rogers

B-Main Winner:
Aaron Daeffler

Achzet doubles up at Knoxville

Second verse, same as the first! Setting quick time in qualifying, then storming from 4th to the win in his heat, Michael Achzet looked to make it a Daily Double tonight. The 80-Lap feature would see Achzet start pole and begin to defend the bottom against any and all comers. Aaron Daeffler would frequently pull up along side in the early going. But Achzet would hold firm. Ludovic Buisson, Owen Clark and Chris Cable had their chances early to battle with him, but Achzet would still stay up front. With a long 65 lap run through the middle of the race, Daeffler was still pushing along on the top side trying to close in. Bobby Rafferty fell back early but he was motoring back up with Clark in tow up to Daefflers rear, hoping to challenge. But despite every chance, they could close in but never get in position to pass. Achzet was just too strong on the bottom. A restart with 8 to go would be the last chance, and Daeffler would bobble, falling back to 4th. James Normoyle would try to get up there, but even he couldn’t make it work. Daeffler faught back to almost nip Normoyle at the line, but it was Achzet who would end up winning his second event of the season in the Super Dirt Series, and second event overall of the night!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Michael Achzet (1)
2- James Normoyle (9)
3- Aaron Daeffler (2)
4- Eric Tupper (13)
5- Brett Rowles (16)

Heat winners- Michael Achzet, Aaron Daeffler

B-Main won by James Normoyle