Proudfoot takes opener at Volusia

The CARS Super Dirt Series would follow tonight with their own season opener at Volusia Speedway Park. Brandyn Proudfoot would see his 357 ride start pole after a stellar Quick Time and Heat 1 victory. But atoning for his misfortune in the last races start, Zack Passen would jump up and take the lead in the early going from his 2nd starting spot. He would never really get far, and Proudfoot would hound him for the opening 30 laps. A lap 31 restart would see Proudfoot muscle his way past Passen, and they would tail each other through out. Joshua Gayman would shadow them not too far behind, and a larger group of about 5 or 6 cars including Kotten, Tupper, Rowles, Clark and Achzet were under a blanket fighting for the final top-5 spots. Proudfoot would get an edge, and then lap traffic would come into play, and Passen would claw back. It was tooth and nail throughout, seemingly anyones race. Then a couple cautions late would see Passen lose his rhythm and Proudfoot was able to get some good jumps, and thus is how it would end. Brandyn Proudfoot would visit victory lane for the first time in his CARS career, taking the season opening Volusia 80 Lapper!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Brandyn Proudfoot (1)
2- Zack Passen (2)
3- Josh Gayman (3)
4- Josh Kotten (5)
5- Eric Tupper (14)

Heat winners were Proudfoot, Passen and Gayman.

B-Main was won by Owen Clark.

Passen holds off Rowles at Knoxville

Josh Kotten would start pole tonight in the 358 Small Block Series, but lose the lead right off the rip to Brett Rowles, coming in off his big win to end 2020. And from there on it was mayhem up front for a while with Rowles, Kotten, Eric Tupper and Trevor Williams battling for top spots. At times even 3 and 4 wide to boot! Out front though it was Rowles showing the way through the early going. Sneaking up through the field though was last years Big Block Series champ Zack Passen looking to pounce. He would make a play on Rowles and eventually get by, and put his stamp on the early season by running away for 1.8 second victory over Rowles!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Zack Passen (6)
2- Brett Rowles (2)
3- Eric Tupper (4)
4- Trevor Williams (5)
5- Josh Kotten (1)

Heat winners: Josh Kotten, Brett Rowles, Charlie Ryan.

B-Main won by Aaron Daeffler.

CARS 358 Series returns Feb 21st!

Our second 2021 series announcement is the return of our highly successful and well regarded 358 Series! The first forray into 358 mods last season saw our year get some MASSIVE car counts, with 60 members attempting each event for the first three weeks. And as the season went on the racing got better and better. Everything would culminate at Charlotte, where the class of the field, Bobby Sweeney, would manage to hold off Zack Passen to win his first ever CARS series title. This upcoming season, with Passen back, and others like Aaron Daeffler and first time winner Brett Rowles ready to pounce, it wont be easy for him to repeat.

We look forward to having everyone back on Sunday!

– This division remains FIXED SETUP
– The start time is moved back to 7:00pm EST so as to get our evening done at a decent hour!
– 40 car servers, with 24 making the A-Main field each week

CARS Super Dirt Series returns February 21st!

Our first 2021 series announcement is the return of our highly successful and extremely exciting Big Block Modified Series! The CARS Super Dirt Series last season was easily some of the most exciting racing we have ever had in our decade long history. While the season had a bit of a rough start, by week 3 things were rolling, and by the end of the season it was one of the most fun divisions we have ever had. Zack Passen would come out on top with his only win of the season in the finale to clinch his title. We are super pumped to see if we can get a new champion for our premier dirt series this time through!

– This division remains OPEN SETUP
– The start time is moved back to 8:30pm EST to accommodate the longer races
– 40 car servers, with 24 making the A-Main field each week

The 358 series will see their schedule released this weekend.

Passen takes win and title at Charlotte

Another amazing night in the CARS Super Dirt Series tonight in our version of the World Finals at the Dirt Track @ Charlotte! Randy Bechdel would double up and get his second Quick Time, this time in the Big Blocks, setting up the heat racing fields. Heat 1 would be rather uneventful, with James Normoyle putting a stomping on the field for a 1.3 second win, leading every lap. Heat 2 would see Charlie Ryan start up front and hold the lead for a bit, but Michael Achzet would come from 3rd to steal the lead and the win away at the end over Josh Kotten by .010 at the line. This set up the series main event, and season finale! 3 drivers were battling for their chance at the title: Zack Passen, Ryan Dolbear and Aaron Daeffler. As the race got under way, pole sitter James Normoyle was under fire from Achzet right off the go. With 3 and 4 wide racing throughout the field for the first handful of laps, it was a mad scramble all over the place. Mid pack Aaron Daeffler was having a whale of a time keeping the car straight in the pack, and others like Bruce Perry and Eric Tupper were right there, all just covered by a beach towel they were so close. With Normoyle showing the way for the first half of the race, it seemed it was his race to lose. But a caution just after half way allowed Achzet, Passen, and Cody Higbie chances at fighting for the lead. Sure enough Achzet would get by, and Normoyle would slam the wall hard with the right rear sending himself around, ending his chance at what would have been a well earned W. With Achzet now out front, laps were quickly winding down, and the field of contenders for the win was expanding. Greg Netherwood and Josh Kotten had motored back up front to contend, with Higbie rattling the cage of the top 2, as the laps kept ticking away. The field took the 5 to go and Passen made his move. He and Achzet would trade some paint, with Achzet falling back losing spots to Netherwood, Higbie, and new front runner Josh Gayman. Passen wouldn’t run away with it as Netherwood hung right there, letting him know a bobble was going to put this race up for grabs. It didnt matter in the end though. Passen would hold on to get his first Big Block Series win of the year, and hold fort at the top of the standings for the title!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Zack Passen (6)
2- Greg Netherwood (8)
3- Cody Higbie (12)
4- Josh Kotten (4)
5- Josh Gayman (17)