Sweeney doubles up with Weedsport triumph

The Big Block Super Dirt Series would hit up Weedsport tonight for the second of the evenings races, and while not nearly as exciting as the 358s, they sure tried their hardest. Ryan Dolbear would set quick time for the night, and follow that up with a heat 1 victory over Trevor Williams and David Lennox. Charlie Ryan would be a shock in heat 2, holding off Josh Kotten and Brett Rowles for a surprise victory. Heat 3 would see Bobby Sweeney come from 4th to beat Zach Sobotka. With a full field of 24, the B-main was used to just set the field, an Ron Pyles would grab the win leading 10 of 15 laps to do so. Ryan Dolbear would start pole and lead the first handful of laps with a rough start of the feature event. Cautions would be the name of the game in the middle going as that turn 1 was just eating people alive. You almost needed a motocross bike to handle the whoops on entry. Dolbear would lose the lead to Bobby Sweeney but he wouldnt let him go. Both cars were nose to tail for almost the entirety of the event, and all this was allowing Zack Passen to drive through the field. Starting 15th, he was absolutely hauling the mail, and with a late caution he was finally there. But Sweeney would consistently get good restarts, and Dolbear was giving Passen just enough of a fit that he couldnt challenge, allowing Sweeney to double up on wins for the night!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Bobby Sweeney (3)
2- Ryan Dolbear (1)
3- Zack Passen (15)
4- Trevor Williams (4)
5- Brandon Savage (10)

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