Passen waxes field at Eldora

The night at Eldora got off to a rousing start in the 358s and immediately they got rowdy. The heat races were 3 and 4 wide for the first few laps. But the heats dont pay here, and it was the mains where the fun is. Aaron Daeffler would charge to the win in the C, and Trevor Williams would swipe the B. In the A Feature, it was a tale of the comers and the goers. Brodie Oravetz would wall it early and he’d fall out, and pole sitter Chris Cable would find himself upside down at one point near mid race. All the while, Zack Passen is just pacing the field in front of usual contender Bobby Sweeney. Aaron Daeffler and point leader Brett Rowles were on the move though. Daeffler roared from the C all the way into the A and a 21st starting spot to fighting for the top 3, Rowles was motoring from 14th right on Daefflers bumper. A late restart would see Daeffler and Rowles challenge Matt Yorker and Josh Kotten for the top 5, with Sweeney and Passen out too far. It would be for naught for them all, with Passen getting another 358 victory!

The top 5-
1- Zack Passen (3)
2- Bobby Sweeney (2)
3- Josh Kotten (7)
4- Matt Yorker (8)
5- Aaron Daeffler (21)

Tonights Heat Winners were Chris Cable, Bobby Sweeney, Zack Passen and Brodie Gravetz.

C-Main winner was Aaron Daeffler. B-Main winner was Trevor Williams.