Williams gets win #1 at Lernerville

Lernerville tonight was quite an interesting show, and a first time winner would put his stamp on the evening when it was all said and done. Quinn Wallis was making his first start in a few weeks, and he’d immediately set fast time over Ryan Dolbear. Heat 1 would be the Matt Yorker show, but a poorly timed issue with his machine with 2 laps to go would hand the win to Wallis. Heat 2 was all Daeffler all the time, and Aaron Daeffler would dominate for the win. The B-Main was the Trevorr Williams affair as always, and he took his 17th B-Main of the year (maybe not 17th, but it feels like it). The feature was what some may call an adventure…. Quinn Wallis would start pole and would get out to the lead off the rip. A few cautions later and a restart near midway would have Zack Passen breathing down his neck. Thinking he would have a huge run and a chance at a slider, Passen took the chance, but unfortunately he didn’t make it stick, and Wallis was the unfortunate benefactor. His race would mostly end. Passen would get sent to the back as a result. Aaron Daeffler would restart up front but Randy Bechdel would take over as Daeffler would jump the cushion. Unfortunately for Bechdel, his good fortune would end quickly as Dolbear and he would collide, sending Bechdel to the pits. This put Trevor Williams up front for a change. With Daeffler and Passen trying their hardest to run him down from the back, and Daeffler more or less mirroring his every move the last handful of laps, Williams would hold them all off for his first career Super Dirt Series victory!

The rest of the top-5:
1- Trevor Williams (9)
2- Aaron Daeffler (2)
3- Zack Passen (4)
4- Ryan Dolbear (6)
5- Jeff Sharp (7)

Passen gets another at Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake was the setting tonight for the penultimate event of the 358 Series. And we finally saw some different names up on the list, though the end seen the cream rise to the top. In time trials, it was Trevor Williams putting a bit of a shock on the field, putting his car on top by half a tenth. This sent us off to heat 1, where Aaron Daeffler got the jump on Josh Kotten to lead every lap for another heat win on his record. Heat 2 saw Daryl Barrett start pole and hold off a charging Owen Clark for the win. The third and final heat had Greg Seager start up front and lead the first few laps, but it was Zack Passen coming from behind to get the win. The B-Main saw Ryan Barrett make like his dad in the heat, and grab the win over Ron Pyles and Jeff Sharp. Moving to the feature, Aaron Daeffler would start pole and lead the first 10 laps holding off the field pretty easilly. A few cautions though would bunch everyone up, and Zack Passen and Bobby Sweeney would finally start to make some major noise. Passen would share sliders with Daeffler before finally taking over the lead. Sweeney, the point leader, would get stuffed on the bottom lane on a few restarts, allowing Clark and Williams to fight back and move into position behind Sweeney. Randy Bechdel even made his first showing in the top 5 rim riding up top. But despite some cautions mid-race, Passen would put himself in prime position to win and he’d do so, putting the pressure on Sweeney heading into the season ending race at Charlotte!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Zack Passen (3)
2- Owen Clark (5)
3- Trevor Williams (7)
4- Bobby Sweeney (6)
5- Randy Bechdel (8)

Heat winners-
Daryl Barrett, Zack Passen, Aaron Daeffler.

B-Main winner-
Ryan Barrett

Yost bests field at Cedar Lake

Another amazing night in the CARS Super Dirt Series would see a new winner, ending Bobby Sweeneys run of dominance the last few weeks! It would all start in time trials with Richie Yost by a full .2 tenths of a second! That’d set up the heats, and in heat 1 Kyle Rochinski would start pole and lead the first 6 laps. Before a surprise Greg Netherwood would dive low off turn 4 with four laps to go and hold off Yost for his first career heat win. Heat 2 would show Aaron Daeffler on pole and he’d lead a lap, but it was a battle with Bobby Sweeney and Josh Kotten, with Sweeney stealing the win. Heat 3 would have Zack Sobotka on pole, but he’d fail to lead a lap as AJ Albreada would get the jump and lead the first 9 laps. It was Zack Passen though on the last lap sneaking by for the heat win. The B-Main would have Trevor Williams doubling up (he also won the B-Main in the 358s), setting us up for the feature event. Netherwood would lead the field down by virtue of his heat 1 win putting him pole, and he’d battle with Bobby Sweeney in the early going. Sweeney would get by him on lap 3, but turn the lead back over a lap later as Netherwood motored by up top. Passen though was coming up from his 3rd starting spot, rim riding along, and he’d find a way by Netherwood so he could set sail. It wasn’t done yet. Richie Yost, top time trialer of the night, was still in the hunt. 7 laps after Passen took the lead, Yost was able to get by and he’d prove to be a tough nut to crack. Despite frequent challenges from Sweeney and Passen, and an absolute charging Anthony Perrego from 11th, Yost was not going to be denied. He’d lead the final 32 laps to secure the win at Cedar Lake!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Richie Yost (4)
2- Bobby Sweeney (2)
3- Zack Passen (3)
4- Anthony Perrego (11)
5- Greg Netherwood (1)

Sweeney gets another at Knoxville

What a race at Knoxvile in the 358 series! Right off the rip tonight it looked like it was going to be the Eric Tupper and Josh Kotten show. Both cars put up times in qualifying that were in another world. Moving into heat 1, though, Tupper would get trapped with the invert and end up p3, behind Ryan Dolbear and Zack Passen (who won). Heat 2 much the same for Josh Kotten, who was stuck in 4th with the invert, and Bobby Sweeney ran away with the win. Heat 3 would see Owen Clark dominate over Brett Rowles. On to the feature we would go, and Passen would start pole with Sweeney to his outside. Tupper, the fast time, was buried in 7th and Kotten way back in 11th. And from the drop of the green it was crazy. 3 and 4 wide through the field. There were cars moving and running everywhere. The battle for 2nd was intense with Tupper moving up to fight for it with Sweeney and Dolbear three wide for much of the race. All while Passen was just gone. And we mean it, he was gone. A 5 second lead at one point while the field was under a blanket. It would all go away, though, as a yellow with 12 to go would see that lead wiped away. With the field now caught up, Passen would have his work cut out for him. On the drop of the green he got a good jump, hugging the low burm as he had all race. Sweeney and Dolbear were chugging along up top, making time, and Kotten had joined the bunch and he was making noise. It was about this time that unfortunately Eric Tupper, who showed such great promise, would drop out of the race with issues, and Passen was still under fire. Sweeney got a great run off turn 2 with 6 to go and pulled along side Passen, and off 4 he would complete the pass. Passen hung right there down low but he was now being dogged by Dolbear, who he also had Kotten on his bumper. Just as Dolbear got by Passen and started his chase of Sweeney, the yellow would fly with a single lap to go. The restart would see Sweeney get a jump but Dolbear was close. The single lap would not be enough, though, and Sweeney would get win #3 of the season and 3rd in a row between the two divisions!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Bobby Sweeney (2)
2- Ryan Dolbear (4)
3- Zack Passen (1)
4- Josh Kotten (11)
5- Trevor Williams (13)

Sweeney doubles up with Weedsport triumph

The Big Block Super Dirt Series would hit up Weedsport tonight for the second of the evenings races, and while not nearly as exciting as the 358s, they sure tried their hardest. Ryan Dolbear would set quick time for the night, and follow that up with a heat 1 victory over Trevor Williams and David Lennox. Charlie Ryan would be a shock in heat 2, holding off Josh Kotten and Brett Rowles for a surprise victory. Heat 3 would see Bobby Sweeney come from 4th to beat Zach Sobotka. With a full field of 24, the B-main was used to just set the field, an Ron Pyles would grab the win leading 10 of 15 laps to do so. Ryan Dolbear would start pole and lead the first handful of laps with a rough start of the feature event. Cautions would be the name of the game in the middle going as that turn 1 was just eating people alive. You almost needed a motocross bike to handle the whoops on entry. Dolbear would lose the lead to Bobby Sweeney but he wouldnt let him go. Both cars were nose to tail for almost the entirety of the event, and all this was allowing Zack Passen to drive through the field. Starting 15th, he was absolutely hauling the mail, and with a late caution he was finally there. But Sweeney would consistently get good restarts, and Dolbear was giving Passen just enough of a fit that he couldnt challenge, allowing Sweeney to double up on wins for the night!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Bobby Sweeney (3)
2- Ryan Dolbear (1)
3- Zack Passen (15)
4- Trevor Williams (4)
5- Brandon Savage (10)