Sweeney holds off Passen in Photo Finish

The best feature event of 2020 in the CARS 358 Series thus far did not disappoint thats for sure! Richie Preston would start pole, and off the rip 3rd place starter Demetrios Drellos jumped to the inside for a 3 wide dash to the lead onto the backstretch. This set the dogs loose, and it was 2 and 3 wide throughout for most of the feature. Ryan Dolbear and Brett Rowles were making moves to get up to battle for the lead, but Demetrios had it on lock. That is, until just past the halfway point, when he would get a tick too high on exit and slap the wall, ending his night with a badly damaged ride. This allowed Bobby Sweeney to inherit the lead from his 5th starting spot. Through some late race restarts due to some rough deals for Josh Christy and Matt Yorker, Sweeney was holding the dogs at bay. Dustin Hall and Zack Passen were making him work, though. And with a 3 lap dash to end it, Passen was motoring up top with Sweeney holding court down low. Off turn 2 it seemed like Passen was shot out of a cannon, getting right up to Sweeneys right front on the entry to turn three. And out of turn 4 it was a drag race! But Sweeney held him off by a few feet at the line, grabbing the big win at Kokomo!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Bobby Sweeney (5)
2- Zack Passen (6)
3- Dustin Hall (4)
4- Brett Rowles (12)
5- Robert Shaeffer (8)

Tonights B-Main winner was Eric Tupper.

Tonights heat race winners were Richie Preston, Max Hill, Demetrios Drellos, and Dustin Hall.