CARS 358 and Super Dirt Series Announced!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present something we thought was only ever going to be a dream! With the introduction of the Northeast Modifieds to iRacing, the Can-Am Racing Series is elated to bring to you the CARS 358 Series and the CARS Super Dirt Series!Both classes running the same night (Sundays) with a full slate of time trials, heats and features, we hope to bring something for everyone to the table.

First up, the 358 small blocks! A staple of the modified scene, some would argue they even produce the better racing. At Super Dirt Week in Oswego a few years ago, their Saturday show was probably the best dirt race ever seen. The CARS 358 Series will come to you at 8:00pm EST, and utilize a fixed setup! This will surely be a blast of a series! **Note- Graphic states 8:30pm EST, due to overwhelming interest, we’ve had to move that to 8:00pm EST!!!

Second up on the night will be our headline class, 800 horses without all the mess! Grandpa pop a viagra cuz we’re about to get it on! The Big Blocks hit the track at 9:30pm EST for their very own set of time trials, heats and feature. Running slightly longer events than its sister 358s, they will also be one of the few CARS divisions to ever run OPEN SETUPS! We can’t wait!Signups are already open, just head on over to our league tab (linked below) and hit the “join” button!

We will see you December 13th!

CARS Dirt Division League Tab-

Clark wins the Turkey Derby

The 3rd Annual Day After Turkey Day Grand Prix went off without a hitch tonight, and a first time CARS winner would take home the turkey leg when the checkers would finally fly! The action was kicked off in time trials, with Owen Clark nailing the pole over dirt standout Josh Gayman by less than half a second. With the 4 car invert for the heats in effect, this put Clark 4th in heat 1. Greg Netherwood would start pole but Aaron Daeffler would take the lead off the rip and run away leading all 10 laps. ISCA regular Tyler Ducharme would come from last to finish 2nd, locking them both in the feature. He 2 would see ISCA/DTD member GT Smith start pole, but just like heat 1, the second place starter Bobby Sweeney would take the lead and pull away. A steady challenge from Quentin Young came up short, but both locked into the feature. Heat 3 was a snooze fest, with Bruce Perry starting pole and leading a couple laps, but Zack Passen and Trevor Williams would go 1-2 to finish up the heat races for the night. A 15-lap B-Main would follow, to finish setting the field. Clark would start pole and lead all 15 laps to easily set himself up for the 7th starting spot for the feature. Gayman would move up to finish 2nd, and Josh Kotten would take 3rd. Heading into the feature, Aaron Daeffler would start pole with ISCA regular/CARS part-timer Bobby Sweeney starting outside. Daeffler would lead lap 1, with Sweeney taking over for the next 4 circuits. With some dicey moves, Quinten Young moved up from 5th not long after and he would take a run for the lead. But it was the O-show, Owen Clark, moving up the score sheet. As Tyler Ducharme, an iRacing pro, was putting pressure on the top of the chart, Clark was methodically picking everyone off 1 by 1 on the bottom. On lap 12 despite starting 7th in the field, Clark would take the lead. Gayman and Ducharme were digging all race, and Zack Passen was trying hard to move back up after an early incident, sniffing the top 5 late in the race and even grabbing 4th. Through it all, though, it was the O-Show of Clark who absolutely put a stamp on it. A dominant performance, its his first ever victory in the Can-Am Racing Series! And joins the fellow Day After Turkey Day champions Chris Cable, and Alex Bergeron, in CARS history.

The rest of the top 10-
1- Owen Clark (7)
2- Tyler Ducharme (4)
3- Josh Gayman (8)
4- Zack Passen (3)
5- Quentin Young (5)
6- Josh Kotten (9)
7- Trevor Williams (6)
8- Aaron Daeffler (1)
9- Bobby Sweeney (2)
10- GT Smith (12)

Queen wins the battle, Passen wins the War

In a Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series season full of ups and downs, it can always on occasion come down to one tiny mistake, one tiny 10cent part that breaks that ruins a seasons worth of effort. After Richmond in September, Aaron Daeffler took the points lead away and looked like he was going to hold on the rest of the season. However at the season finale at Homestead everything went wrong. Starting deep in the field was problem number one. He was making good ground up despite his competitor Chris Cable starting pole and Zack Passen on the outside pole. While those two duked it out up front, he was parsing his way through the tough field, getting points one by one. It would be for naught, though. On lap 16, the 41 machine would give up the ghost, and his championship hopes with it. The race wasnt over though. Cable would jump out to a lead with Passen right on his rear bumper. As the first run would start, Passen would sneak by to lead for a spell, but 8 laps later Cable took it right back. Knowing leading the most laps gets you an extra point, Cable wanted it bad. He’d take his pit stop on lap 45, and despite challenges in the beginning from Charlie Ryan and Passen, he would regain the lead as things cycled through. 6th place starter and multi-time league champion Brenden Queen would pounce on the lead w ith 21 laps remaining, however, and he’d start to put some distance on the field. Cable would slide back to third with Passen in front of him. Knowing he had to win and Passen to finish 3rd for him to win the title, Cable was driving the wheels off the car. Passen employed a well-rounded defensive strategy, “keep him in the windshield”, knowing if he just stayed on him, the trophy was his. The race laps were quickly winding down. And Queen was getting awfully small in front of them. As was the title hopes of Cable. While he would manage to get back to 2nd at the line, it was Zack Passen, who would overcome all odds and collect his first asphalt series title. Never more than 20 points back all season, he overcame being 15 down with 4 races to go, with a combination of stellar finishes and his own golden horse shoe. Throwing in 2 victories on the year, one at his “home track” of Dover (the other at Richmond), and his first 3 poles of his career, Passen really put a mark on the series, letting everyone know he wasnt just a 1 trick pony when it comes to cars. Man can drive the pavement as well as he can the dirt. And it shows, as Passen now joins the elite of the CARS heroes, with his second overall title.

Congratulations, Zack!

The rest of tonights top 5-
1- Brenden Queen (6)
2- Chris Cable (1)
3- Zack Passen (2)
4- Josh Kotten (7)
5- Miles Carabbe (4)

Queen returns to victory lane in Nashville

It almost feels like hyperbole that we keep saying that this week gets better than the last, but its hard not to state it yet again. 3 cars battling for the title, and starting pole would be the man sitting second in the standings, Chris Cable. Right off the bat he’d be off and flying, leading the first 59 laps of the 120 lap affair. All while points leader Aaron Daeffler was desperately trying to hold on to a top 10 running spot. Zack Passen was riding comfortably in the top 5, but Cabl was just picking them up and putting them down throughout the first half of the race. They say though that its not over until its over. Tonight would be a prime example of that. As green flag stops were going through the field, Russell Berry would loop his #84 machine exiting turn 2, trapping almost the whole field down atleast one lap, including Daeffler and Passen. Seemingly giving Cable an easy path to victory! Miles Crabbe would be in the lead on the restart and Cable would be trying to sneak by on the outside. A poorly made corner exit with the marbles up top coming into play would see Cable absolutely slam the outside wall, sending him around and a yellow flag flying. The resulting damage would end up costing Cable the chance at taking the points lead, seeing his race end on lap 105. The resulting yellows also allowed Daeffler and Passen to take waives and lucky dogs to get back on the lead lap, and a final restart late would see Brenden Queen, multi-time series champion at CARS, out front for the first time since his return in 2020. Despite spirited rushes by Josh Kotten and Trevor Williams, Queen would hold the field off to win from the 6th starting spot for the first time since Nov. 6, 2018!

The resulting issues from Cable and recoveries by Passen and Daeffler sees the standings with Daeffler holding steady up top. But Passen overtakes Cable into 2nd, five points back. Cable falls to third, 10 points back now. One race to go to decide it!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Brenden Queen (6)
2- Josh Kotten (2)
3- Trevor Williams (12)
4- Aaron Daeffler (9)
5- Zack Passen (8)

Ryan victorious at Michigan

Coming into the auburn hills of Michigan for the Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series 145 miler, the top of the points standings were looking awfully intense. Aaron Daeffler had got out to a 20 point lead at one point but it was down to 11, and Chris Cable went out and won the pole for tonights race. Off the rip, Cable and Justin Wilson would swap the lead a handful of times over the first 20 laps. Daeffler would make his presence felt in short order however, coming from his 11th starting spot to take the lead for the first time on lap 24. Wilson and Charlie Ryan would then take over and battle for a spell. At one point it was a different leader every lap over a handful of laps, and the entire top 8 was under a blanket. It was almost like Daytona in a sense! Cable had fallen back after a while but was back on Wilsons bumper, and going into turn 1 on lap 41, it would all come to a crashing end. Cable would nudge Wilson into the turn and around he would come in front of the field. Shockingly, points leader Daeffler would be involved, though he’d be able to continue. This would see a huge shakeup at the end if the things stayed true. While Cable had to restart rear for causing the wreck, Trevor Williams and Rodney Haack would restart the race up front. Haack would lead a lap but Williams would get by, with Josh Kotten making an appearance towards the front finally and getting to the lead shortly after Williams. Zack Passen would steal the lead on a great move down low on Kotten and was pushing hard, with weather on the horizon that was threatening to end the race early. But despite an early spin, Charlie Ryan was still coming through the field and he’d finally catch the leaders. As Passen was leading and pushing hard, thinking the race may not go the distance, Ryan was methodically saving and just riding, biding his time. Sure enough, he waited him out and Passens tires started to fade, allowing Ryan to get by. Despite Passens best efforts Ryan would hold him off and take the win at Michigan!

The points standings would see a major shift. Daeffler would retain the lead but its now down to just 2 points over Cable, and Passen just two more behind him! A 3 horse race with 2 events remaining!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Charlie Ryan (7)
2- Zack Passen (5)
3- Chris Cable (1)
4- Josh Kotten (3)
5- Trevor Williams (8)