Passen right at home in Dover

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series took to Dover today and boy did it get better. The race started rather unceremoniously, as Chris Cable took pole and ran off with the lead for the first 13 laps. A caution with Gabe Wood sending Travis Wall into his namesake in turn 3, collecting Josh Kotten and Trevor Williams, would slow the field for the first time. The restart again would see Cable off to the races with little to slow him down. On lap 48, though, things went awry quickly. Pitting for fresh tires, he’d go around in the grass on the apron of 3 & 4, and as he tried to correct and get into his stall, a yellow flag flew. On top of that, he was penalized for speeding! Seemingly ending his chances. This let Aaron Daeffler take the lead on the restart. He’d battle with Zack Passen for a spell, but after 10 laps, Passen would get by and seemingly put his stamp on the race. On lap 70, just as everyone was settling in, a yellow again flew for Russell Barry, and the strategies came into play. No one in the top 7 pitted except 3rd place running Greg Netherwood. On the restart with Passen leading, Netherwood would come flying through the field on his new tires and off he’d go to the lead. Netherwood was absolutely digging trying to increase his advantage. Passen wasnt letting him go, though. Sure enough, Netherwood would burn off his tires and back to 7th he’d go with Passen retaking the lead on lap 85. Oh you thought the fun was over? HAH! A caution with 5 to go occurs, and Netherwood is suddenly thrust into the lead, with old tires. Zack Passens pit crew took a dump supplying him a 25 second stop, so he’d come out 5th, and Travis Wall was suddenly on the outside line for the restart. A G-W-C ensues and Netherwood gets a huge jump, blocking Wall down the back stretch and holding him off in turn 3. Off 4, though, a wreck at the back puts the yellow out one more time just before the white. The 2nd attempt at a G-W-C sees Netherwood again get a great jump, holding off Wall coming to the white. Off turn 2 on the white flag lap, he again had Wall stopped, but Zack Passen was on a rail down low, and he would get a fender on Netherwood entering 3. Despite a MASSIVE attempt at a block, Passen would hang on as both cars would slide towards the wall. Wall and Chris Cable would get under Netherwood, but they couldnt quite get to Passen, and they’d come off the turn 3-wide watching Passen finally get win #2 of the season!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Zack Passen (2)
2- Chris Cable (1)
3- Travis Wall (10)
4- Aaron Daeffler (3)
5- Greg Netherwood (15)

Cable bounces back at Bristol

Another barn burner of a race in this weeks¬†Kevtron Media¬†Classic Cup Series! As for what seems like is a weekly occurance, Zack Passen would get another pole and somehow manage to not lead the first lap. Chris Cable would jump out to the lead and stay out front the first 47 laps. Joey Mathiowetz would stay out to lead a few laps during a yellow flag for Charlie Ryan going for a spin, however, Cable would take over again for a handful of laps. It was Aaron Daefflers time though, and he’d get by Cable for the next 30+ laps. With Passen and Ryan coming back to challenge, it was a good fight between Daeffler and Cable. But things would get interesting, as a caution with Daeffler going for a ride off Cables bumper. Undamaged, Daeffler would restart tail, but the crazy part was that almost everyone pitted with the exception of Cable, Passen, and Greg Netherwood who had been shadowing the top 5 all night. On the restart, Trevor Williams and Ronnie Potts would come charging through the field, with Potts taking over the lead on lap 107, and Williams stealing it from Potts on lap 114. Williams would start to slowly pull away from Potts and the field for the next 9 laps with the field thinking it was all but over. It wasn’t. Owen Clark would spin on old tires, allowing the yellow to fly with 25 to go, and with the field out of tires on pit road besides Cable, Daeffler, Passen and Ryan. Potts would retake the lead on the restart, but it only took 3 laps and Cable was right back by. While Daeffler would push and shadow him initially, he’d start to fall back while Cable pulled away. And Cable would run off to collect career win #37 (2nd all time) and his second of the season!

The rest of the top 5-
1) Chris Cable
2) Aaron Daeffler
3) Zack Passen
4) Charlie Ryan
5) Trevor Williams

Ryan scores W at the Glen

A normal race night at the Glen for us sees a driver run away with it and everyone hoping to survive. Tonight was not one of those nights. Chris Cable would take the pole and jump out to the lead, but 4th place starter Charlie Ryan would quickly get up to 2nd to follow him. For the first 23 laps it was as if Cable was towing Ryan around the track. Green flag stops were coming, however, and Ryan would snooker Cable by jumping down pit road first. The next lap, Cable would make his stop, but the damage was done as Ryan would take over the lead. Cable wasn’t going down without a fight. While 3rd place car Miles Crabbe got bit by a speeding penalty, Cable inched closer to the leader. For the final ten laps it was all a matter of who would make a mistake first. With 2 laps to go Cable made the move to take the lead back from Ryan out of turn 1 into the esses, he got a tad overzealous into the carousel and would see Ryan scoot back by. Coming to the checkers Cable had one last chance, a daring cross over in turn 11 onto the front stretch, he even pulled a fender up on Ryan…. but it was for naught as Ryan would hold him off to be the seasons first repeat winner of 2020!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Charlie Ryan (4)
2- Chris Cable (1)
3- Josh Kotten (5)
4- Aaron Daeffler (8)
5- Travis Wall (7)

Barry accomplishes unthinkable at Darlington

For the 8th week in a row, we have a different winner in the Kevtron Media Classic Cup Series! And this time its also a first career win! Starting on pole was Chris Cable, his CARS record extending 77th of his career. But much like others before him his start would leave a lot to be desired. He’d miss a shift, allowing Justin Wilson to jump all over the lead off the green. A handful of laps in, Rodney Haack would take a tumble off the wall, taking fellow administrator Greg Netherwood out of the race with him, and allowing the field to jumble right back up for a restart. It was Wilson though that would keep the lead off the restart and start putting some distance between himself and the field. But despite leading 57 laps, on lap 60 he would slam the outside wall off turn 2, sending him spinning to the inside wall and watching any chance at a W fall away with the debris behind his wrecked machine. This put Aaron Daeffler out front for the first time all race. It sure looked like it was his to win, at this point, as he just drove away from the field. However everyone seemed to forget that this track just eats tires alive… And tonight was no different. With 60+ laps on his tires, Daeffler finally gave up the the lead to a charging Chris Cable and was forced to pit road, with just ab out the entire field following suit. Bruce Perry, Steve Bevacqua, Zack Passen, and Trevor Williams all were hitting pit road with right fronts that were giving out. This let Cable pull away from the field much like Daeffler did. Not long after though everything changed yet again. Cables tires starting giving out, and he was backing up corners desperately trying to make it to the end. One man deep in the field though was just waiting for his chance to pounce. Chase Barry, who despite making 39 career starts had never really been a threat, was suddenly a real threat…. He had pitted 10 laps after everyone else earlier on, and suddenly found himself almost 2 seconds a lap faster than Cable, who was at this point racing on toilet paper for tires. On lap 105, it happened. The unthinkable. Chase Barry, or “R-Dot” to us common folk, found himself passing Cable without another soul within 20 seconds of him. With Cables car all but an after thought clinging to life, all Barry had to do was keep her clean for 5 laps. And he did…. And for the first time in 40 career starts, Chase Barry can finally call himself a winner!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Chase Barry (13)
2- Chris Cable (1)
3- Russell Berry (14) – no relation….
4- Aaron Daeffler (5)
5- Steve Bevacqua (9)