Patience Pays Off for Ewing at Kentucky


Tonight the pro cup series took center stage for 94 laps at the Kentucky Speedway for the third race of their version of “The Chase”.  Charlie Ryan burst onto the scene right away as he would top everyone on the practice charts by a fairly comfortable margin. However, Charlie failed to run a qualifying lap that registered on iRacing’s stopwatch and would have to start in the back for tonight’s big race.

Capitalizing on Ryan’s qualifying misfortune, Colton Harvey grabbed the pole for tonight’s event. As a result, Harvey would earn the right to bring the field to green and kick off what would turn out to be an eventful, and exciting race.

With iRacing’s dynamic track surface still being fairly new to the drivers, it showed early on, as getting the handle on these high horse-powered machines seemed to be a struggle. As a matter of fact, the first four cautions on the night would be result to self spinning, one car incidents as the “snappy loose” conditions would grab a hold of Trevor Williams, Greg Netherwood, Brad Fulham, and Chris Cable, respectively.

All of the spins, incidents, and eventual cautions played directly in favor to Charlie Ryan, as it did not take him long to get to the front. With Cable, the last of the self-spinners, seemingly being one of Ryan’s biggest threats, it seemed as if the #54 would sail his way to an easy victory lane visit.

Just as Ryan began to get comfortable in his #54 Jack Daniels Mustang, the caution flag flew for a three car incident caused by Forest Schneiter on lap 77. Ten laps later, Harvey and Scott Walter would touch and bring out the seventh and final caution of the night setting up a green-white-checker finish, with the winner getting a one way ticket to victory lane.

Ryan would get a good jump on the field and he looked to have it in the bag, however, Shane Ewing had other plans. Although Ewing’s 32 was by no means even close to being the fastest car all night, he stayed patient, and found himself chasing the leader towards the checkered flag. With just a couple of laps to go, disaster struck the Ryan machine as he would find the outside wall in turn 4. This led to Ewing’s patience paying off and giving Shane his second win of the season. Nick Leitz also was patient and persevered through some issues to come home second, Patrick Hahe was third, with Mike King and Gregg Richardson rounding out the top five.

Next week the series rolls into Dover for the fourth race of the chase. It should be an exciting 100 laps as only eleven points separates the top five in points with Mike King showing the way followed by Scott Walter, Greg Netherwood, Patrick Hahe, and Steve Bevacqua.


Schneiter Capitalizes on Other’s Misfortune to Steal Chicagoland


Tonight the Pro Cup series made their way to Chicagoland for 93 laps of intense, cookie-cutter action. This would be the series’ second race in their version of the “Chase to the Cup” and Greg Netherwood would see his #99 hauler claim the first stall as he rolled into Illinois as the points leader.

Nick Leitz would start things off in quick fashion as he grabbed the pole for tonight’s event. Charlie Ryan in the Jack Daniels sponsored #54 would be to his outside as the pair would bring the field to the green flag.

The field filed in and spread a bit as they got the feel for the unique mile and a half oval. It was cool to see the cars dipping and diving on the front stretch as some of the drivers would use the apron to gain a small time advantage. Colton Harvey was certainly using it to his advantage as he passed 5 or 6 cars in as many laps and looked to be the car to beat early.

On lap 13 of the event, the first caution occurred as Nate Bowers would spin coming out of turn two. This would bring the field down pit road early as tires would be a huge factor on the night after the rubber seemed to practically fall off during Sunday nights cup race.

Coming off of pit road, Leitz stole the lead back from Ryan as the same two would bring the field to green for the first restart of the night. It wouldn’t take long for Ryan to steal the lead back as he was slowly showing everyone that he would in fact be the car to beat. However, on lap 21 the second caution would fly after Charlie got loose off from turn four and looped his 54 machine on the front stretch. Fortunately, he was able to pull away without a scratch on his car and would pit for more tires with the rest of the field.

Capitalizing on Ryan’s miscue, Josh Kotten decided that he wanted to be a part of the show and he certainly added some excitement as he brought his car to the front to challenge, and eventually take the lead from Leitz with around 20 laps to go.

With 12 to go, Gabriel Wood and Brad Fulham got together and spun going into turn one the incident would turn into a pivotal caution as the field pitted and left Kotten’s 2 machine at the front for the final restart.

When the green flag flew on lap 86, an excellent battle between Kotten, Shane Ewing, and Forest Schneiter took place. you could throw a blanket (a big one) over the three as they raced around Chicagoland with only the checkered flag in mind.

As the flagger dropped the white flag, the battle was really heating up. The three drivers had distanced themselves from another battle for 4th, 5th, and 6th that was happening between Ryan, Chris Cable, and “Mr. Hard Luck” Trevor Williams. Coming out of turn two, disaster struck. Kotten and Ewing got together and as Ewing went spinning towards the grass, Kotten dragged along the outside wall and ended both of their chances to win (Surprise!!! Williams was also involved). Waiting in the wings was Schneiter who would pull off the unthinkable upset and take the checkered flag after a wild night of racing.

Next week the field will take a short trip to Kentucky for some more exciting chase racing. See you there!!!

Scott Walter Catapults His Way Into The Chase with a Win


Tuesday night the NEO Racing News Pro Cup series took their turn on the new dynamic track at Richmond International Raceway. Chris Cable and Shane Ewing set fast times and lead the field to the green flag from the front row. The track was beginning to rubber up from practice and qualifying so the drivers had to adjust to fading grip accordingly.

Two quick cautions would come in the first 20 laps of the race as Brian Green found himself on the losing end of a self spin to bring out yellow number one on lap eleven.  On lap 18, racing was starting to heat up in the top ten when Nick Leitz drove into turn one too deep and punted the number 57 of Trevor Williams and sent him spinning for caution number two.

The field would pit after the second caution and the drivers finally got to make a long race run on the dynamic track surface.  Racing was great as guys were searching high and low for speed and grip to gain any kind of advantage.

After a few more cautions, while other drivers were searching for the fast line, Cable was working his way to the lead and on lap 94 would strip the point away from Mike King.  The caution would fly again on lap 101 as David Lanza would search in the wrong spot for grip and self spin in turn 4.  This caution led to the final round of pit stops and set up what all hoped to be a 17 lap dash to the finish.

Hopes of the green flag finished were ended by a couple late race cautions involving Perry, Greg Netherwood, Forest Schneiter, Cable, and Ewing and would force the race to end under caution.  Scott Walter would take the victory with Schneiter rolling across second. Leitz, Netherwood, and Steve Bevaqua rounded out your top five.

Chase for the Cup Standings (full season)

1. Netherwood 2. Bevaqua 3. King 4. Walter 5. Hahe 6. Richardson 7. Ewing 8. Williams 9. Perry 10. Bethea 11. Cable 12. Fulham 13. Queen

DeBaro Conquers the Field at Richmond


Sunday night’s Exclaim Graphics series race at Richmond was the final race before their version of the “Chase to the Cup” begins.  To make things even more exciting and special, it was also the first race in Can-Am Racing Series history on iRacing’s new dynamic track.

Boomtown Sim’s Anthony DeBaro and Corbin Himstreet would grab the front row in qualifying and lead the field to the green to start the race. Racing heated up early and the battles at the front were intense. On lap 8, Chris Cable’s 05 Air Force machine got loose coming out of turn four, he made an excellent save before reaching the grassy infield however he could not get his car slowed down enough and drove deep into turn one into fellow chase hopeful Trevor Williams and ended the 57’s night.

Racing would remain competitive until Christopher Moody and Nick Silver would get together on lap 46 to bring the caution out for a second time.  This caution would send the field down pit road as the track began to “rubber in” and the cars became tighter.

Double digit yellow flags would ensue as the drivers tried to get the feel for the new changing tracks. When the checkers flew DeBaro would cross the line first to take a big “W” before the chase began. Chris Hurlow, Scott Walter, Charlie Ryan, and Patrick Hahe would round out the top five.

Unofficial Chase Contenders for the 2015 Exclaim Graphics full season Chase for the Cup

1. Mitch Rollo 2. Mike King 3. Steve Bevaqua 4. Trevor Williams 5. Chris Cable 6. Gregg Richardson 7. Greg Netherwood 8. Shane Ewing 9. Scott Pregont 10. Corbin Himstreet 10. Charlie Ryan 12. Josh Kotten

Penalty Arrises At Iowa 120 Race

Date: 8/4/15
Series: Nationwide Series
Race: Iowa 120
Driver(s): Josh Kotten
Incident: On Multiple occasions, but most specifically the final restart of the race which occurred on lap 107 coming to 108, Josh Kotten restarted on the inside lane row 1. Prior to reaching the start/finish line, Kotten moved his vehicle to the outside line in front of 2nd place driver Trevor Williams.

It is stated in the Can-Am Racing Series Official Rule Book in Section 1 paragraph 1.4.4 “There is to be no “Jump Starts”. Drivers are not permitted to jump any start, and must remain behind the car in front of them until they cross the start finish line.” This remains true for the first row of drivers as well due to the fact that if 1st moved up in front of second, 3rd would not be able to move up as well due to the vehicle located to his/her outside. This rule is in place for the virtual safety of the drivers vehicles and to reduce complications on the start/restart.

Penalty: This rule was specifically briefed to all drivers in attendance to the race at Iowa, Kotten was also warned about this possible infraction. Due to this, the win will be stripped from Josh Kotten and he will be placed on the tail end of the lead lap. This will move every other driver up by one position. As well, the win will be awarded to 2nd place finisher Trevor Williams and shall be scored accordingly on the points page.

CARS official statement: This is not something we enjoy doing under any circumstance. This is officially the second Penalty Statement this year for Can-Am and this is a trend we don’t like to see. As stated on our Facebook page we encourage all of our league members to review the official rule book so that hopefully we will not have to worry about posting another penalty statement. Our goal is not to give penalties, but to have fun, clean racing so that our members can grow better as drivers. The more penalties we have to give, the more we fail as admins in providing the type of racing that we all strive to find. So help us by understanding our rules and standards and we will continue to have the great racing that we are known for. Good luck drivers and we will see you on the track!


The Admins of Can-Am Racing Series