CARS Personel Announcement

As many of you have seen over the last few weeks/months, activity here at the Can-Am Racing Series has ebbed and flowed from a steady river to little more than a trickle, back to a river. The reason being, for the better part of the 3+ year stretch of CARS, it’s really been headmanned by myself, Greg. While Patrick, Chris, and Mike have helped in various ways along the way, for the most part, its always been handled by me. One of those “if you want it done your way, do it yourself” kind of things. However, lately, my life has taken a turn for the hectic, and as such, I have had to rely heavilly on Chris and Patrick.

Thankfully those two have been up to the task and have kept things running relatively smoothly while I have been absent. But, what this did to me, was make me realize that we badly needed more hands on deck. Mike has unfortunately taken a permanent hiatus from sim-racing, and Chris is being deployed overseas soon with the US Air Force. On top of that, I am moving this week, and Patricks has taken off and is pulling him in many directions. This basically again leaves CARS in need of help.

With all that being said, I am pleased to announce that we administrators have unanimously approved adding our longest standing member, Trevor Williams, to the administration team. Trevor joined us not long after we first started CARS, after he and I met on a New York based racing website. Since then, he’s become one of our most valued members, always willing to pitch in and lend a hand. With my absence lately, he has practically begged to help us in any way he can. Frankly, it makes me feel a little sheepish we never thought of having him join us before. Trevor has been on the streets recruiting for us heavilly for months, and now that he’s an official member of the administration, will also begin writing for the website as well as the other fun administration stuff like rulings and schedule making. So, join us in congratulating Trevor on his new appointment, as we couldn’t be happier to have him join us!
The second announcement is that another long-time member will be joining us as a part-time in-race administrator. Al Smith Jr has ran with us for the better part of a year, and has quickly proven to be one of our most valued members. Administering his own series that we have partnered with (Upstate Racing League) and ran companion series and races with, he brings a lot of experience to the table. While he will not be a full time administrator like myself, Chris, Pat and Trevor, he will assist us with replay rulings and in-race penalties, which is something we have sorely lacked in enforcing due to not enough hands on deck. So, thank you Al, for volunteering and taking on the new assignment!
Thats all we have for you all today, we will see you all on Sunday!

Hudson holds off Silver at Chicagoland in Segment #2 Opener!

10497036_782447085141225_3770597886563332593_oComing off a series title, Nick Silver was looking to open up his defense with a strong showing at one of his bread and butter tracks. Sadly, he would show up late to the party, unloading just in time to line up for the start of the race. This was giving former iRacing DWC Champion Tyler Hudson more time to shine, as he would grab the pole and lead the majority of the first half of the race. Dan Veglahn, John Hanna Jr, and Sean Casto would both get out front for a spell, and a midrace restart would cause issues for Hudson, all of which let Nick Silver finally sneak up through the field to take the lead.

With 15 laps to go, Greg Netherwood would stay out under yellow without taking tires as the rest of the field would pit, giving him a much needed bonus point but leaving him a sitting duck. The restart would see Hudson all over him like a pack of dogs on a three legged cat. Nick Silver would follow suit, both sneaking by with under 10 to go. Unfortunately for Silver, he would run out of time and speed, giving Hudson his 2nd victory in a row (after winning last segments finale).

Netherwood would ride his gamble to a 3rd place finish. Scott Walter would come home 4th, and Sean Casto would rally for 5th.

Hedrick holds off Perry at SoBo!

Hedrick_SoBoThe stars and cars of the Exclaim Graphics Super Late Model Tour took to the shortest track on the schedule, for 170 laps of beating and banging action. And we would have no shortage of action! Randy Hedrick, making his first start in months in the Exclaim Graphics Super Late Model Tour, would get involved in an early wreck with Bruce Perry, as they moved to avoid a lapped car trying to pit. And having to come all the way back from the rear of the field, he and Perry would follow one another right up to the point.

Both cars were good for fuel and would not have to pit late in the race, as a caution would come out with under 20 to go, setting up a shootout. But Hedrick would stay out front, picking up win #1 on the season.

Perry would take 2nd, Gary Belling would take 3rd, Al Smith 4th and Patrick Hahe would round out the top 5.

Hudson Spoils Silvers Party, Wins New Hampshire

Tyler Hudson raced from the back of tonight’s NEO Racing News Pro Cup race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Hudson needed little time to find a home up front, a spot he held for most of the race on his way to a win in Can-Am’s B-Car fixed set series. The only car that appeared to challenge Hudson was Shelvin Johnson, who attempted to get the jump on restarts several times.

The party centered on Nick Silver, who claimed the First Half Championship Trophy for the Can Am Racing Series NEO Racing News Pro Cup. Silver was 27 points ahead of Scott Walter entering the night, which virtually assured him of taking the trophy. Silver finished third in the event to win the First Half Championship. Shelvin Johnson was able to finish in second, Travis Sollenberger fourth, and John Higman Jr rounding out the top 5.

Despite the numerous cautions that marred the New Hampshire race, all 18 cars that started the race finished it.

The series will continue on to Chicagoland Speedway next Tuesday night. We will start tracking points for the Second Half Championship, and continue the hunt for the full season champion

Perry holds off Smith in heated battle at Bristol!

Bruce_AlPrior to the Exclaim Graphics Super Late Model Tour race at Bristol tonight, two of the most senior drivers on the circuit expressed supreme displeasure with the track. Never being ones to mince words, both were reluctant to unload for the feature. They were convinced eventually by other competitors, and we are sure the competitors are regretting that! Smith would lead the most laps, and Perry would sneak away with the win!

over the last 60 laps it was Smith who was dominating, but he was short on fuel, so he had to back off to save. This let Perry catch up, eventually taking the lead. A caution with a shade under 20 to go would throw everything up in the air though. Smith would restart 3rd, and go to work on Gary Belling. Clearing him with 10 laps left, he charged with all his might after Perry. Closing a tenth a second a lap, he got on his bumper on the final lap, but just couldnt do it. Perry would get his first win of the season, and Smith would be relegated to “what if” status in 2nd.

Points leader Gary Belling would take 3rd, Matthew Largen would be 4th, and EJ Orourke would round out the top 5.