Butterbean best them all at Iowa once more!

10397210_959795320739733_2382525142791915529_oWith a series high 5 top 5s and 7 top 10s, along with 3 victories on the season, it was not hard to believe that Brenden Butterbean Queen would be fighting for a title at the end of segment #1. But, what was shocking a bit, was that he was just sitting 1 lonely point ahead of Greg Netherwood, who while not near the top in top 10s, lead the division in wins with 4. With just a single point seperating them, it was sure to come down to the last handful of laps. They did not disappoint.

Charlie Ryan would moonlight in the series, picking up a single race ride at his best track, to try to knock off Netherwood and Queen from their pedestals. But it was Queen who would take the pole over Ryan. Ryan would though fight back and lead for almost the entirety of the first half of the race, over 50 laps in all. Green flag pit stops would come into  play after an early case of yellow fever would whipe out the majority of competitive cars. Josh Kotten, Patrick Hahe, Chris Cable, Bruce Perry, Trevor Williams, Colton Harvey and Rodney Haack would all see their races end before they ever truly began as a result. However, the race for the points title was just heating up.

Netherwood would spin in his qualifying lap, thus having to start 16th in the event. But with the early yellow fever, he’d find himself fighting in the top 3 before too long. With 20 laps to go, a timely yellow would allow Netherwood and Jay Dee Callahan to take tires, while Queen and Ryan would duke it out up front on old ones.

With Netherwood desperately trying to get by Ryan, he would burn up his tires as Queen pulled away. Ryan ran him back down and would be all over his bumper as the laps wound down, but he could do nothing with him. Netherwood would fade, and barely be able to hold off Callahan for 3rd, thus losing the title to Queen by a mere 6 points!

Patrick Hahe would recover from earlier wrecks to take 5th.

Brenden Queen would take the title in Segment 1 over Netherwood by the afformentioned 6 points. Robert Barney would take 3rd, Shane Ewing 4th, and Mike King would hold on for 5th.

The series returns next week at Charlotte for segment 2, with the Perry Plumbing, Heating and Cooling 140, being broadcast live by CFI!

Rollo takes the battle, and the war, winning Charlotte and the Segment 1 title!

mitch_championHeading into Charlotte, Mitch Rollo has been on a roll (pun intended) since he joined the series at Daytona in February. Since a 7th place finish at Atlanta, he has not finished lower than 6th (Kansas), including 3 wins in a row earlier on in the segment. So to say that the championship was all but decided heading into Charlotte was an understatement.

With second in points John Hanna Jr unable to make the tow to Charlotte due to a schedule change, all Rollo would have to do is start the race and the title was his. Just to put an exclamation point on things, he decided hed go out there and win the pole. So he did.

Teammate Corbin Himstreet would start 10th and quickly move up in the standings to Rollos bumper, but as the race went on it appeared things were going to turn into a fuel mileage race.

Some early cautions led some drivers to decide to take the gamble and see if they could stretch things. Leading that charge was Rodney Haack, who put his 151 machine out in front for 15 laps. But with just a few laps remaining, his fuel tank would give up the ghost, and leave Rollo battling Himstreet for the victory yet again.

Himstreet had his own position to worry about, however, as Chad Cole was coming back after a bad green flag stop to try to contend for the victory. That would not come to pass, as Himstreet would hold off Cole all the while Rollo was rolling to a 3 second victory to solidify his title!

Charlie Ryan would start 4th and finish 4th, with Josh Kotten finally getting a good finish he deserved with a 5th place finish.

As for the points, with Hanna unable to attend, he’d tumble from 2nd to 7th in the Segment 1 standings. This allowed Greg Netherwood to ride a late season surge up to 2nd, 43 back of Rollo. Brenden Queen was just 4 back of him, and Shane Ewing and Chad Cole rounded out the top 5.

The second segment starts May 31st! Sign up now today and see if you cant knock Rollo off his perch!

DeBaro joins Boomtown Sim teammates in Victory Lane at Kansas!

debaro_kansasAnthony DeBaro is the newest member of the “Hendrick Motorsports of CARS”, Boomtown Sim, and he would make his mark on the league in impressive fashion at Kansas last Sunday night. With teammate Mitch Rollo leading the points, and Corbin Himstreet picking up his first win a week prior, he wanted to make sure he wasnt left out of the party.

While Rollo lead a huge portion of the race after taking the pole (53 laps led), Chad Cole would make his presence felt. He would get up front and lead 24 laps of his own in the middle segment of the 110 lap green flag run to start the event. With not a caution to be seen throughout, and 2 green flag pit stops into the race, it seemed like it was all over but the shouting once DeBaro snapped the lead from Chad Cole with 30 laps remaining as the second round of stops cycled around.

But with 13 laps to go, everything would change. Sean Casto would go around, finally bringing the green flag parade to a stop and forcing some drivers into some interesting strategy. DeBaro, Cole, and Rollo would take 2 tires in the pits, but Trevor Williams, Greg Netherwood, Shane Ewing, Josh Kotten and others would take 4, hoping to capitalize and steal a win at the end.

On the drop of the green with 8 to go, Rollo would spin the tires in 3rd and bunch up the field, but it let Netherwood and Williams shoot by and set their sights on Cole and DeBaro. However, racing heavilly between the two of them, they would quickly lose sight of Cole and DeBaro.

As the laps ticked down, Cole was catching DeBaro, but a slip up off turn 2 with a handful of laps to go would slow him down and lose a half second, and that would be all DeBaro would need. He would coast the rest of the way to his first career Exclaim Graphics Cup Series win, joining the rest of Boomtown Sim in victory lane for the segment!

Chad Cole held on for 2nd, Netherwood rode his last pit stops strategy to a 3rd place finish, Trevor Williams ran top 3 all day but had to settle for 4th, and Shane Ewing came from 22nd to get another top 5 in 5th.

Rollo leads Hanna Jr by 16 heading into this weeks Segment 1 Finale at Charlotte!

Netherwood rides Kings coattails to victory at Talladega!

tally_winAt Daytona, Greg Netherwood would almost take the pole, starting 2nd. Then finish 2nd in the duel. And in the big race? Pull off a win that while seemingly likely, was anything but, as he has had absolutely 0 luck at super speedways throughout CARS history. We think its safe to says that luck has officially turned around.

Starting deep in the field in 27th due to a poor qualifying effort, prospects were grim, especially with a draft package that was presenting itself as tough to pass. But he had one bit of luck on his side. Teammate Mike King was starting behind him in 31st, and they would hook up immediately at the drop of the green flag.

While Pole Sitter Scott Walter and 4th starting Brian Green would quickly fall into place as the two leaders of the events early going, points leader Brenden Queen would find trouble. Colliding mid corner with another car while running 6th would send Queen sliding on the apron, slipping back into the high teens. He would recover at the end to a 9th place finish, however.

With King and Netherwood working their way  up, Anthony Debaro and a slew of others would get their chance for the lead as green flag stops commenced. Coming out of the stop cycle, it was Netherwood and King who would find themselves at the front of the field for the first time just past the midway point of the event. But they had company, as despite their run through the field and timely pit stop, Chris Cable and Josh Kotten were right on their bumper. It was shaping up to be a 4 horse race.

With under 10 to go, Kotten and Cable made their move, leaping to the outside of Netherwood and King. Despite Kotten nipping Netherwood at the line to lead 1 lap, however, it was not to be. A caution with 7 to go put the field in restart mode, with Netherwood and King at the fore front.

The restart saw Kotten and Cable make a leap to try to wrestle the lead from Netherwood as he slid infront of King at the green. But they would get shuffled out in turn 3 allowing Walter to sneak into the 3rd spot. And just as they took the white flag, sure enough, the yellow flag flies for a spinning David Bottone and others, and the race would end with Netherwood taking the victory.

Mike King would finish 2nd, with Scott Walter taking 3rd, Chris Cable 4th, and Trevor Williams showing Sunday was no fluke in grabbing his second top 5 of the week in 5th.

The series heads to Iowa next, for the segment 1 finale, and Brenden Queen holds a slim 1 point advantage over Greg Netherwood!

Silvers well runs dry, but Cole comes through at Talladega!

cole_williamsThe Exclaim Graphics Cup Series made their 2nd visit to a super speedway this season, coming into Talladega with the points race for the segment 1 title slowly turning into a 2 horse race between Rollo and Queen. But Nick Silver and teammate Sean Casto were looking to make a big shake up near the top of the standings at Talladega where teammates come in handy.

Casto got a good start by starting outside pole of points leader Mitch Rollo, and soon teammate Silver would be with him. Silver made the charge from 14th on the bumper of Greg Netherwood, the only 2 cars up until about the halfway point that made any moves on the outside lane, as the track quickly devolved into a one lane jane.

Once Netherwood took the lead from Rollo on lap 16, though, Silver stayed on the outside and Casto pulled in behind him. Over the remainder of the race, theyd lead 26 laps between them. The race wasnt over though!

A long green flag run would commence after a early caution around lap 22, not long after a previous caution, so some drivers would pit and some would not to top off. Silver and Casto elected to stay out, and that would come back to haunt them.

Trevor Williams and Chad Cole had played coy all night, but were right in the lead pack in the last stint. With Silver and Casto holding off Rollo, Cole and Williams just hung around waiting for a chance. On the last lap, heading into turn 3, that chance would come. Silver and Casto sputtered out of fuel as they rolled into turn 4, and Chad Cole with Williams in tow jumped to the outside and off they went, with Cole leading the final stanza for the victory!

Williams would get runner up, with Rollo coasting across the line shortly after in 3rd. John Hanna Jr would get 4th, and Colton Harvey would lead 11 laps on the night and get the final top 5 spot.

The series heads to Kansas next week!