Netherwood goes back to back with Bristol victory!

bristol_NEOHeading into the 1st Segment Chase on a high note, Netherwood would pull off a win at Texas to close out his already strong start. Coming into Bristol, where typically he just survives at best, there was no indication he would be anywhere near a threat. And for 99.9% of the race, that couldnt have been more true.

Shane Ewing would start us off by grabbing his first career pole at the Can-Am Racing Series, and staying up front for the first handful of laps. Sunday winner Brenden Queen and Chris Cable put on a show up front, pulling away from the field yet again to show their dominance at the half mile high banks. Queen would lead 109 laps to Cables 14, and it appeared that even with Ewings early speed, it was a two horse race.

Just 3 cautions would slow the field, but the final one would come with just 9 laps to go in the event. Queen would dive to pit road as he and the field were on 70 lap old tires just barely hanging on. Cable followed suit, but Greg Netherwood, Bruce Perry, and Robert Barney rolled the dice, and stayed out. Banking on a short run to get them a good finish or a lucky W.

Netherwood would start on the high side and make a quick jump on the restart and pull away by half a straight as Barney and Perry slid their tires a bit off the start. Queen and Cable, starting 4th and 5th, would get tied up trying to pass the slower, older tires cars, and that extra time would cost them.

Finally clearing Perry with 2 to go, they set their sights on Netherwood, who was a straightaway ahead at that point. The new tires paid off, and as they took the white flag, Cable was on the bumper of the leader, Queen right behind him.

A poor exit to turn 2 for Netherwood allowed Cable to get underneath him and the drag race into turn 3 was won by Cable. He had actually fully cleared Netherwood on entry, but Brenden Queen would chatter the tires under braking, and barely nip Cables left rear as they came off the turn. Sending Cable sliding off the turn, barely holding on, Queen barely kept the tires underneath him as well. But the contact would allow Netherwood to sneak by once more on the top side and narrowly best the two for his 2nd win in a row and 3rd of the season.

Cable gathered it to get 2nd, Queen 3rd. Nick Leitz roared back for a 4th place spot and Bruce Perry would round out the top 5.

The series heads to Richmond, for the 120, to be broadcast by Checkered Flag Interactive, next Tuesday night!

Butterbean best the bunch at Bristol!

queen_bristolBrenden “Butterbean” Queen has been on an absolute tear this season. Despite getting off to a slow start, he’s now racked up 2 wins in a row, immediately following Mitch Rollo’s trifecta, and shows no signs of stopping. Coming into Bristol, Queen has a 3rd, 2nd, and a victory (Texas) to his credit. To top it all, he would start the pole after being the fastest car in practice as well.

Right off the bat he was of, with only Chris Cable to contend. For the majority of the early race, it was those two bumper to bumper pulling away from the field. John Hanna, Glenn Campbell, and Shane Ewing just couldnt hang, and despite Mike King, Al Smith, Steve Bevacqua, and Trevor Williams making plays through the field, it was all Queen and Cables show.

But a mid-race incident would see Cable taste concrete wall, putting him on pit road for 4 laps to relegate him to a 10th place finish when all was said and done. Queen just wouldn’t be touched after that.

The late restarts would have King, Rodney Haack, and Al Smith chasing Queen down. He would pull away, as stated, however, and Smith would get passed at the end by a lucky Greg Netherwood to fall back to 5th.

Brenden Queen would lead an absolutely dominating 179 of 180 laps to get victory 2 of the year. King was 2nd, Haack got his best finish in 3 months by getting third. Netherwood would take 4th and Smith gets another top 5 to lock himself into the segment 1 chase.

The series first segment Chase Race #1 takes place at Richmond next Sunday!

Netherwood tames Texas!

greg_win_texasLast season, Greg Netherwood showed that he was going to be a force on the momentum tracks. Atlanta, Charlotte, Michigan, Fontana, if it required momentum, he was going to be one of the ones to beat. Earlier this season at Atlanta, he showed that again by winning the pole and finishing a close 2nd to Justin Fuller. After a rough go of it at Fontana, he wanted to show it was his show at Texas. Winning the pole, he definitely made people notice.

But, it was Derek Robinson and Brenden Queen yet again who would try to steal the show. Robinson would jump on Netherwood and take the lead early on, with Queen on his tail pulling away for the first half of the 93 lap event. Queen would overtake Robinson, but slapping the wall on lap 40, he’d find himself spinning around in front of the field and having to go to the rear for causing the yellow.

As he roared back through the field,  Scott Walter would use pit strategy to get to the lead from his 17th starting spot. Walter and Robinson would duke it out, but with 23 to go, Greg Netherwood ran them down itchin for a fight.

Swapping the lead 6 times in 3 laps, Robinson and Netherwood would have a battle for the ages, theoretically setting up a tremendous run to the finish. But Robinsons tires wouldnt hold up, and that allowed Netherwood to pull away. Robert Barney and Shane Ewing were charging hard and fast, but they would run out of time, and Netherwood would lead the final 18 laps to grab his 2nd victory of the season.

Trevor Williams would have his best finish of the season and grab 4th, and MIke King would take 5th.

The segment 1 chase field is set, with Netherwood leading the field heading into Chase Race #1 at Bristol next week!

Queen crowned in Texas!

butterbean_winOne of the hottest teams in the Can-Am Racing Series has been the Boomtown Sim, headed by Mitch Rollo and Corbin Himstreet. But, the hottest driver? Easilly Brenden Queen. Mitch Rollo was coming off 3 straight wins in the Exclaim Graphics Cup Series, but Brenden Queen has been tasting victory all season in the Series on Tuesdays. Moving into Sundays race at Texas, Queen has been having a little bit of trouble, but with a 2nd at Martinsville and a 3rd at Atlanta, everyone was just waiting for him to strike.

At Texas, he would strike. Despite having only 1 lap of practice, he’d start 15th and start moving quick. Charlie Ryan would claim his first pole of the season but on lap 3 would find himself facing the wrong direction off turn 2, and that would pretty much open things up to the masses.

Corbin Himstreet would take over and lead 29 laps overall, and Nick Silver would challenge for a spell, leading 9 laps of his own. But it was Brenden Queens show.

Leading a race high 76 laps, he would make quick work of any who opposed. Even Chris Cable, charging from the 27th starting spot, would be unable to compete as he made his first start since his suspension was lifted. Nick Silver made a go, but would fall 2 tenths short. Scott Walter and points leader Mitch Rollo would round out the top 5, as Queen got his first Exclaim Graphics Cup Series win of this season.

The segment 1 chase begins after next weeks race at Bristol. Al Smith hangs in the balance, 1 point ahead of Scott Walter, and Corbin Himstreet, Josh Kotten, Chris Cable and Ken Aaland coming fast!

Rollo rolls on at historic Martinsville Speedway

11109819_922136487838950_6602268177732146940_oAlready with 2 wins to his credit, both in a row (Phoenix & Auto Club), Boomtown Sims Mitch Rollo has been on an absolute tear. Moving into the historic Martinsville Speedway, a notorious disaster area for the Can-Am Racing Series, he was gunning for win number 3 in as many races. Brenden Queen, he who has come to kick some major tail of his own in the Series, would have something to say about that.

Taking the pole and leading the majority of the early going, Queen set a torrid pace. While Rollo was never far behind, Charlie Ryan even managed to steal a bit of the lead. But the action was all over the place. Cars were getting bent up left and right. The old girl in Martinsville was a torrid beast.

Slowed by a series record 14 cautions and 75 yellow flag laps, it was starting to appear that Rollo would be denied victory if he didnt make a move. Finally, he did, and as yet another yellow flew, he would be just a nose ahead of Queen. He’d stay there the remainder of the race.

Charlie Ryan would hold on for 3rd, with Sean Casto and John Hanna Jr weathering a late pit stop for 4 tires to take the remaining top 5 positions.

Just 2 races remain til the segment 1 chase begins, and the points battle is heating up! 25 drivers still remain within shouting distance of the top 12 spots!