Penalty Arrises At Iowa 120 Race

Date: 8/4/15
Series: Nationwide Series
Race: Iowa 120
Driver(s): Josh Kotten
Incident: On Multiple occasions, but most specifically the final restart of the race which occurred on lap 107 coming to 108, Josh Kotten restarted on the inside lane row 1. Prior to reaching the start/finish line, Kotten moved his vehicle to the outside line in front of 2nd place driver Trevor Williams.

It is stated in the Can-Am Racing Series Official Rule Book in Section 1 paragraph 1.4.4 “There is to be no “Jump Starts”. Drivers are not permitted to jump any start, and must remain behind the car in front of them until they cross the start finish line.” This remains true for the first row of drivers as well due to the fact that if 1st moved up in front of second, 3rd would not be able to move up as well due to the vehicle located to his/her outside. This rule is in place for the virtual safety of the drivers vehicles and to reduce complications on the start/restart.

Penalty: This rule was specifically briefed to all drivers in attendance to the race at Iowa, Kotten was also warned about this possible infraction. Due to this, the win will be stripped from Josh Kotten and he will be placed on the tail end of the lead lap. This will move every other driver up by one position. As well, the win will be awarded to 2nd place finisher Trevor Williams and shall be scored accordingly on the points page.

CARS official statement: This is not something we enjoy doing under any circumstance. This is officially the second Penalty Statement this year for Can-Am and this is a trend we don’t like to see. As stated on our Facebook page we encourage all of our league members to review the official rule book so that hopefully we will not have to worry about posting another penalty statement. Our goal is not to give penalties, but to have fun, clean racing so that our members can grow better as drivers. The more penalties we have to give, the more we fail as admins in providing the type of racing that we all strive to find. So help us by understanding our rules and standards and we will continue to have the great racing that we are known for. Good luck drivers and we will see you on the track!


The Admins of Can-Am Racing Series

The Flyin’ Farmer plows his way into the record books with win at Chicagoland!

Much like the week prior at Michigan, Josh Kotten has spent the last 2 years at the Can-Am Racing Series running towards the front but yet to break through with that elusive win. Many times he’s been up front but been unable to close for a variety of reasons. Lets just say that the monkey has officially exited his back now!

While the race got off to a rocky start with 4 yellows in the first 35 laps, the rest of the event would go yellow free. Charlie Ryan and Brenden Queen would dominate for the majority of the event, but as the race would drag on, their tires would fall off dramatically.

Josh Kotten sat back in the top 5, biding his time, with a car that was ticking laps a full tenth to a quarter-second faster than the leaders with 20 laps remaining. With 10 to go, Queen had to dive to pit road for a splash, leaving Ryan alone to contend with a rapidly approaching Kotten.

The 5 to go signal was given, and Kotten caught Ryan. Leaping to the outside lane, with Ryan covering the bottom like he was Darrell Revis on a wide receiver, Kotten was giving it all he had. Making it stick off turn 2, he would end up pulling away from Ryan to collect win #1 of his long storied career!

Shane Ewing followed up last weeks win with a solid 3rd, Greg Omo had his career best finish with 4th, and Steve Bevacqua came home in 5th.

Replay of the race, broadcast by Checkered Flag Interactive:

Ewing breaks through with victory at Michigan!

shane_trevorFor 142 starts in his Can-Am Racing Series career, Shane Ewing had steadilly shown improvement. Every week moving closer and closer to that elusive first victory. After 143 starts, he can finally lay claim to being one of the many vaunted drivers who have tasted the victory champagne as he passes Trevor Williams on a late restart to seal the deal.

For much of the event it appeared Brenden Queen had the field licked. Colton Harvey and Chris Cable would do what they could, but Queen was off and running. As the run went on for much of the event, though, Scott Walter and Shane Ewing were creaping up on the leaders. From as far back as 12th, they were closing fast as green flag pit stops commenced.

Ewing would gamble, and stayed out, while the rest of the field would dive to pit road. And lucky him, as just before he was scheduled to dive down, a yellow would fly, the first one of the event. This put him in the catbird seat with Trevor Williams taking a gamble to stay out front on the late restart.

With a good jump, Williams would get off and running. But as the field hit turn 3, Ewing dove low. Williams could not hold him off, and as they exited turn 4 with Ewing a nose ahead, the yellow would fly to end it, giving Ewing his first ever victory!

Mike King would hold on in 3rd, Jay Dee Callahan would take 4th, and Colton Harvey would round out the top 5.

Colton Harvey benefits from misfortune, and pulls off an upset!

harvey_winAll season, it has been the Boomtown Sim teams play ground in the Exclaim Graphics Cup Series. Michigan was looking to be much of the same. Points leader Mitch Rollo would take the pole, with teammates Corbin Himstreet and Anthony Debaro 3rd and 4th, respectively. Only Josh Kotten could break the love fest up front. Rollo would jump out to a quick early lead, but it was teammate Himstreet who would take over and lead for the majority of the early part of the race.

Chad Cole would start 13th, but quickly make his presence felt. With a tight setup underneath him, he would be in the top 5 within 20 laps. Scott Walter, however, was proving to be the fastest car on the speedway. Despite Himstreet taking a big lead and Cole charging up to 2nd, it was Walter who was able to really make noise as he raced up to 3rd, a full tenth faster than the leaders, as the field came into the green flag stops.

The last car to cycle through the uneventful stops was Himstreet, and as his nose hit pit road, Glenn Campbell would loop his #44 ride off turn 2 to bring out the fields only caution. By pure chance, with the cycling just barely completing, Colton Harvey would find himself and Josh Kotten sitting pretty in the front row.

A great start would give those 2 an almost 4 second lead, as Himstreet, Rollo, Debaro and Cole were mired back in the mid-teens with barely 30 laps to go. Despite a massive run and doing their darndest to make up ground, they could only get up to Harveys bumper as the checkers flew. Himstreet would come up short in 2nd, with Debaro 3rd, Cole in 4th and Shane Ewing grabbing a top 5 in fifth.

The series takes a week off before heading into the Napa Valley for some twisty turny racing at Sonoma!

Walter conquers the Monster Mile!

walter_doverThe NeoRacingNews drivers didn’t head Mr. Netherwoods plea of going caution free at the Monster as did the boys who ran Sunday night and ended with 8 cautions on the night. When the dust settled Scott Walter lead the most laps and secured his first series win over perennial front runner Brenden Queen with an intense final ten lap shootout. “I accidentally loaded the wrong car and ended up running the Pimlico Preakness Impala. Ford’s not too pleased with me but I think it’s a sign that American Pharoah will win the Belmont Stakes this weekend!” “It would be nice to have another Triple Crown winner, Walter said.”

The warmup lap race chatter advising all to be careful on restarts went unheeded and we spent the first eleven laps watching a man wave a yellow flag. Poll sitter Bruce Perry’s Hoosier Bayline Camaro was chomping at the bit to get the party started.

The inevitable long green flag run emerged and the field stretched out. The lead pack consisting of Perry, Charley Ryan, Queen and Chis ‘05inthewall’ Cable pulled out to an early 3 sec lead. Ryan’s Jack Daniels ride assumed the lead on lap 23 followed by BQ on 27 who was on rails. Cable worked his way into second but no one was catching the Queenster’s Helen Devos Children’s Hospital Foundation Camaro, now a three car pack as Perry drifted back. Colton Harvey’s Airforce machine was marching up nicely passing Perry on lap 37. Nick Leitz who was fast on short runs short pit on lap 44. On Lap 48 Brenden went in for tires and fuel handing over his 3 sec. lead to Cable who at the last second decided to follow him on to pit lane. In doing so he got the car sideways nearly taking out the water barrels in the process. Walter would assume the lead on lap 52 and five laps later a fortuitous caution would fly leaving him and just a few others on the lead lap.

Scott Pegnot, Gregg Richardson, Dave Bottone, Ewing and Nate Bowers were the fortunate sons.

On the ensuing restart Cable’s American Muscle Mustang passed four cars in one lap and gave chase to the lead. Bruce Perry lifted in turn three to allow 05inthewall back in line before the three wide party wreaked havoc on the field. Nonetheless, the caution would fly on lap 68 and everyone made a dash for fresh rubber. Cable’s crew bested that of Walter’s but Ewing in the Rayovac Ford only took two and grabbed the point. A nice lead pack battle ensued and the Preakness Impala regained the lead on lap 75. As several cars came off turn two, Ewing pulled left to avoid the wall and made contact with the right front of 08 car. Charley Ryan who was tucked up on the bumper of 08 car got the bad end of a racing deal and nosed it into the inside wall, his night was done. As Queen recovered he managed a semi- controlled piece of drifting/sliding into turn three nearly collecting the 32 and the 85 cars. All survived unmaimed as the caution flew again. Running in the second spot Cable’s crew chief called him back into the pits and he reluctantly followed orders, an interesting choice with 22 ticks on the clock. Perhaps thinking he’d bring the rest of the pack with him. He was a lonely man on pit row! A couple more cautions and then an epic battle for the win. On the final restart Queen took a look low on the backstretch and Walter cut off his nose for the bock. Showing more maturity than an 18 year old should, he put the 08 car partially on the apron as Big-Picture championship points unclouded his view. Walter turned his fastest lap of the race on lap 92 and while Queen came close, he never got another solid run good enough to make an attempted pass. “I was concentrating on not over driving the corners and I knew I had to get back on the gas earlier than I had all night if I was gonna hold off that rocket ship,” ” Wow, that was intense!” Walter proclaimed. The final caution flew on lap 96 and his fate was sealed.

Victory Lane – Getting a win against this level of competition is great. You hope to run in the top five and have the opportunity to be in a position like this. Brenden has a lot more wins under the hood of that car and has talent and racing smarts beyond his years. My Lodestar teammate Shane ‘Two Tire’ Ewing had a great run and a strong a strong third place finish. What a great night in Delaware! Time to go grab some Maryland crabs and a few cold ones!

Congrats to Swalter on his win as Queen, Ewing, Nick Leitz and Mike King rounded out the top five. An honorable mention goes out to Patrick Hahe who was quiet all night and turned in a solid 6th place finish. Next week we’re off and then it’s Michigan followed by another televised race at Chicago. Buckle up.